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Fading music out when a new activity is selected?


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Hi All,

I've got a home layout where my kitchen is open to my great room and we often have music playing in the kitchen. My objective is to "fade" or lower the kitchen music level to zero when I select "watch" in the great room.

I've got it programmed, but I'm not seeing/hearing the desired effect. Effectively, when the GR has "Watch" selected I enter a loop that uses "Pulse down" and a 1 sec wait to get to zero, then the music is turned off.

However, the result seems to be the level goes from 11 to 0 and no obvious "fade" in the music level, other than off. I would have thought the "pulse" would have the same effect as a tap on the volume down in the UI or remote?

Does anyone have a suggestion or more graceful way to implement this?


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Timer, repeating, 1 second

When timer expires, set kitchen current volume to current volume -1 (you find this under the room variables)

WHEN timer fade expires
IF kitchen current volume is more than 0
	set kitchen current volume to kitchen current volume -1
IF kitchen current volume is equal or less than 0 {just in case....}
	turn kitchen off
	stop timer


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Works great! Thank you.

I just added a "start timer" to the "Watch" command in the Great room. This gets stopped then the kitchen volume level gets to 0 and the room is stopped (I don't want the kitchen "off" as we may restart the media later). Now I can also see the level get lower every 500ms on the UI as I added a delay in the "volume -1" loop. Perfect.

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