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C4 AMP Not Working

Michael Marshall


I’m on my second C4 amp and it seems after switching to Google Fiber and reconfiguring C4 to my network my amp is not working properly again (round dial will not select the “network” option on the LCD screen). Dealer has suggested putting me onto a Triad TS-PAMP4-125 V2 and has quoted me $1595 for the unit and 2 hours of labor install at around $200. I see the Triad 8 zones on eBay for $500 so was wondering if people would recommend buying there instead and also, what would be the difference in me getting this amp vs the Triad Audio Matrix Switch TS-AMS8-V2 as I see those on eBay also?  I really need only 4 zones but figured I have an outdoor sonance system that I could connect finally to this and do everything from C4. I usually stream by using a Sonos connect and also use audio zones for different tvs in the house. 

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You have an old C4 amp that probably needs  to be replaced as it probably 10 years old. Unfortunately the newer Triad amps require an Amp and matrix separately. The old C4 amp that you have is a matrix and amp in one unit and they don’t make those any longer. Most dealers won’t install used equipment from EBay for multiple reasons. But for you you won’t get any warranty so if the equipment breaks you are back to square one. 

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Something doesn't add up.

Either you have a matrix already, or a full Sonos setup in fron of existing amp, or the quoted amp won't work.

The triad matrix isn't an amp at all.

While the above saying you'd need a Triad matrx PLUS amp isn't incorrec, my first sugggestion for a direct replacement of a c4 matrix amp 4 zone would be the equivalent Episode version EA-RSP-8D-100

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