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Luma x20 push notifications

Robert Robran


On the new Luma x20 line does any one have info on how the push notifications work? Does this require the NVR to do this? I have a camera that I put a Micro SD in it to test the notification stuff but when I go into the luma view app nothing shows up under notifications or push tabs. I set it up for motion and area detection no dice ether way but it does record and marks the event the proper color.

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I have a x20 NVR now installed and the answer to my own question is yes for the app to properly work you need the cameras connected to an NVR. None of the analytics were showing up under the push notifications. It does not let you enable it on standalone cameras only on the NVR itself. Once the analytics are set up in the camera, then you will start to get push notifications for intrusion and line. Crossing only everything else is just record, but it works perfectly. Every single time a person walks into the box for intrusion. It does a push notification to alert you. The only thing I do not like about the new iOS for iPhones is the sound that the alert makes is not very loud and there’s no way to change it. As of right now it’s the same on almost all camera apps though.Even ring doorbells have a muted notification sound thats not very attention catching. I’ve noticed the same with the Control4 app and it’s push notifications. They don’t pronounce very loud anymore unless the apps open then you get a good loud text tone announcement, but if the app is closed or running in the background, it’s a very low sound. That’s kind of just a Boop.

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