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I'm decommisioning my C4 install.  I'll have a bunch of items, running  Before I trash them all, is anyone here supporting a legacy install and could use them?

I'm located in Canada, price will be something nominal + shipping.

Switches, dimmers, some 6 button devices.  The controller I may need to keep for now as a music player, I don't have another sol'n for that yet.

Absolutely NO guarantee other than "it worked when I removed it".

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If its running 1.7, that's from 2013, so, there are lots of legitimate reasons honestly to upgrade or change..  All of our updated drivers only support 2.9 minimum, which is from 2017. And 2.10.2 (2018) I recall in our case uses optimised code paths which greatly reduce latency. I'd be surprised if any Dynamic drivers (which rely on code), would operate on such an old controller

Even cheaper eBay second hand controllers (like the HC800) support OS3.3.0 (which supports the start of the colorwheel drivers), and 3.2.4 (which supports custom mobile interfaces as used by drivers like the Chowmain Scheduler driver, Contact Us, and our history drivers for drivers like  ELK M1 alarm, Bosch Solution 2000/3000, etc). 

From a maintenance point of view, OS 3.1.2(?) is also required for our drivers to automatically set themselves up too, so from a labor cost perspective, Newer controllers are also cheaper and more efficient to deploy 

1.7 probably won't support any driver released in the last few years honestly. But I agree, it might possibly be able to perform Embernet upgrades.

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