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OSD Audio SRT4 Gen2 multiroom audio streamer

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Anyone have any experience with the OSD Audio SRT4 Gen2 multiroom audio streamer? It is a 4 zone streamer for $499. Supports most of the major services and has analog and digital inputs. Does it have a Control4 driver or even an API?




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5 minutes ago, msgreenf said:

But you still need a way to control it and amps... etc... 

Sure. I think some people want to add more concurrent sources to a project while others just want to have an isolated solution for streaming sources that isn't a controller. You still need an amp with a core. You need and amp with this. You need speakers etc. I think this item is currently not going to fit well or tightly with a COntrol4 system because it's currently only controlled though its own application. But a person could use it by connecting it to an amp or amps with auto sensing or a 12v trigger (per zone) to drive any zones they want.  Looks like it can play local files off an attached driver per zone/source.  This is probably a very useful solution for some people. OSD doesn't have any published API's or documents so I would imagine an interested party would need to reach out to them directly for driver development. It's a lower end brand but they offer some features that people want.

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