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Araknis Router & AMD or Qualcomm Issues?


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I have a full Araknis network setup with my Control4 system.

I have a few laptops, 2 Lenovos, 1 HP and 1 MacBook Pro (Intel).

One of my Lenovo laptops has an Intel processor and the other has an AMD processor.

Whenever I use the AMD powered Lenovo, my network crashes and I have to restart the router.  Similarly, when I fire up the HP laptop, which is powered by the same AMD processor, my network crashes, and again I have to reboot the router.

Whenever we use the Intel powered Lenovo or MacBook Pro there are no issues.

I've gone through technical support with both Lenovo and HP on the AMD powered laptops, and we've updated every driver possible, as well as Windows Updates, etc, and nothing seems to work.

Any ideas what the issue might be? Has anyone else dealt with this before?


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I sincerely doubt the AMD processor has anything to do with it, as it is FAR more likely that your network card is the issue. Your CPU really isn't 'doing' anything to be on the network to begin with. It's even more likely a spy/malware is taking down your network (or your router is taking down the network because it sees something). Oh OK I suppose it's theoretically possible certain AMD processors have a hard-coded malware in them....

There certainly aren't any 'Araknis' incompatibilities with AMD pc CPU processors....I'm writing this on an AMD processor computer (on a full Araknis network). Wait no this sentence is my Intel one 🙂

Correlation does not imply causation. The fact that two AMD processor laptops when used seem to take down the network, doesn't as such imply that it's the AMD processor in common is the cause of the crash.

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You'd have to be more specific than network crashes..I'd start by loading a Linux live cd, and seeing what happens. Check also your network settings are set to dynamic IP. If you're running 3rd party av, Get rid of it (it could be doing stupid things). Etc


There isn't enough information happening here.

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