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Project Locked in Composer HE


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I get "The project is locked. The system is most likely being updated. No modifications can be made." message when I try to add a Wake Up agent in Composer HE. My dealer says the project isn't locked on his end. Can anyone comment or have any suggestions on what might be happening? I also get the same message when I try to back up the project.

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Composer HE v2.02 Build 88485

The license is active and registered with the Director.

I noticed that the Director is assigned to, but the DHNC on my network is something like I'm not sure where the first address is being generated from. My primary DNS is I can try adding a new Director with the networked assigned IP and see what happens.


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You seem to be upset, how can we help you?

Can you give us some specifics?


Project Locked when trying to add or change certain agents. Just started with this last upgrade.

Has your dealer upgraded you to 2.4? Also does your composer HE have the same build as your equiptment?

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I think I mis-worded here. I have the agent installed. It's the tools within the agent that cannot be modified, added or deleted without this Project Locked showing-up. it's just one agent so perhaps THAT agent alone should be reinstalled over the top of 2.0.4.

I found out the "Add" agents can only be done in Composer Pro. Once added the agents themselves, such as wakeup, can be utilized in Composer HE. All the agents should be listed and if you press "add" there should be no agents listed. See image:

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If this is a problem with ComposerHE, it should be easy enough to replicate. It may have something to do with the customer (in this case me), having an active foresight subscription AND the dealer remote access function enabled. Maybe if the VPN is live, the Composer thinks the Project is being worked on and locks it. Even if the dealer is not actually making any changes. Any thoughts on this?

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