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hehe ... was waiting for you (yes, you specifically :) ) to say something !

My theory is ......

* Navigator is now flash based. In c4 nav hardware, and 4sight.

* C4 is level setting the flash interface across multiple platforms.

* Including the droid.

* It's not fully baked yet.

Would you be surprised to see a new license for Navigator ? One that would let you run it on ANY platform that supports flash.

It's possible ControlUI may be relieved of the burden of producing non-iPhone Navigator as well.

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Kevin has the app, he has teased me with photos of it running on his Droid X. This was about 6 weeks ago...

My bet it has something to do with licensing between ControlUI and C4, the whole 4sight subscription thing.

Who knows...

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So is your Android phone going to neeed to be able to run flash?

Cause the iPhone app doesn't require it right?

A lot of newer mid-range Android releases (including Sprints Samsung Transform)

might not be able to handle flash.

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I'm on the verge of buying 2 iPod Touches because I'm tired of waiting for the Android app that doesn't seem to be coming any time soon. I don't have enough remote's because I figured it was going to happen any time when I had my system installed. How does C4 usually let people know when they release something like the Android app?

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