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Sony BDP-CX7000ES - worth buying at this point?


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Pros & cons. The FBI warning is a PITA and so is the inability to step-over it or even stop some discs until it has passed. Also, my rack is giant enough and this thing is taking-up valuable space.

On the otherhand, platter HDDs are heading the way of the tube TV and you'll be looking at transferring material to SSD or to another set of HDDs upon failure. Have you ever gone through a catastophic loss of personal property on a failed RAID 0? A few thousand bucks...

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Love mine, but then I split my media into several areas...

Disc based for kids DVDs and BR content (seems useless to take valuable HDD space for a kids disc)

I use an AppleTV modded with a 320GB HDD for digital media. I use my iMac extensively to rip my favourite DVDs and other digital content. I also use my PS3 for netflix movies.

Nothing like true BluRay for quality, nothing like HDD based media for speed.

I've had no issues with my BDP-CX7000ES and it has worked flawlessly for several months, except for one disk that had wouldn't load and had to be cleaned.

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