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Media Tank / NAS Suggestions Needed.....


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Just wanted to check with the forum and see what solutions that would work with a HC300 for my customers' theater room.

They are wanting to rip BD's to a storage drive and have them cataloged similar to what the navigator would do with the 400 disk Sony changer

What would be some good options for me to add to this project?

Thanks again!


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It might. I am really on the fence. I am leaning towards the Dune because of the built in BluRay player, and it seems to handle any and every file type without a problem. However, I don't know the pricing. If it costs a lot more (more than a Netgear 550 and a nice Bluray player combined) I will probably buy them separately because I don't need the Bluray player now.

I am looking forward to the Netgear 550 review.

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