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C4-HC300-E-B vs C4-HC300C-E-B


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Hey All,

I'm new here and have been looking to start automating my home for a long time now. I have jumped back and forth between multiple home automation solutions and haven't quite pulled the trigger yet on a system.

Little background, I have a 1300 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. I think I would like to get started with a controller, thermostat, maybe some audio and lighting, but ultimately there would be a focus on entertainment and audio.

It appears I found a decent deal for a C4-HC300-E-B, for $350. Or is that not very great now that there is the C4-HC300C-E-B model out?

Will I regret not getting the C4-HC300C-E-B? Would somebody point me to a comparison between the two models?

Thanks a bunch for the help!


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Yeah the newer model is faster and comes with the new remote as well. Given that your home isn't that big a 300C would be enough to handle your system. This of course depends on what you want the system to do and how big the system is going to be. I am putting about 25-30 K into a 1000 sq ft condo this year and it definately needs the HC1000. The good thing is that these systems are easily scalable and can be expanded according to your needs. The 300C is however the logical starting point.

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I am thinking about upgrading a few of my navigator controllers. I was kind of thinking of adding a few new 200 instead of replacing my existing 300 because of the serial port connectivity I have and the old 300s is my Zigbee coordinator. I believe the performance of the new 200 compared to the performance of the new 300 is the same. Does anyone have any experience with the two?

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