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DSC Security System Integration


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On the other hand, if he is familiar with the existing C4 driver and is telling you certain features won't show, then that's another problem. But, I find it hard to believe that DSC would have such diverse features that would not be covered under the exisiting PowerSeries driver.

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if you search here you'll find a post from RyanE stating that there is a driver for all PowerSeries panels. It has a universal name for the driver.

found it:

The protocol command set is the SAME for all of those panels.

As long as he's using the IT-100 module and the driver for the 832 (IT-100 version), it should work fine.

As a matter of fact, in the upcoming release of 1.3.2, the driver will be called the 'DSC PCxxx and Powerxxxx IT-100' driver, for this very reason.


I agree, your dealer didn't do his research.

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I hate to dig up such an old thread, but I am looking to integrate my DSC security system with Control4. I know the IT-100 will do the job, but I am wondering if the Envisalink product would work as well: http://www.eyezon.com/?page_id=176

It provides ethernet connectivity instead of serial cable. Does anyone know if this could be integrated into Control4?

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