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Fan controls - Timer question

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I have my bathroom fans (4 of them) on C4 switches. I'd like to automate it such that the fan turns off after 15 minutes without intervention.

In Composer HE, I have created a timer (set for 15 minutes). I have gone into each fan device, and added the timer -> When top button released, start timer. I have then gone into the timer, and said when timer expires, turn off fan.

However - what if two fans are started within minutes of each other?

ie: Bathroom fan 1 is turned on at 10am.

Bathroom fan 2 is turned on at 10:10am.

Each of these will "Start" the timer. But what if it is already running?

Also, when the timer expires, I turn off all fans. So, that means bathroom 2 fan will only have run for 5 minutes.

So - question is this: Do I need a separate timer for each bathroom? What about a conditional that says: If timer is active, reset timer when bathroom 2 is turned on? Is there another way that I am not thinking about?



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My master bath fan is on an automatic timer and it works great. The activation of the switch starts a 15 min countdown. You could also rig it up to cycle your homes air periodically like a DIY HRV system to keep your homes air fresh.

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If you are like me and have family members who take long showers, then the 15min fan will be off before the shower is off.

I'd put the timer to start on the bottom button click - this way it will always run for 15 mins after the bathroom has been vacated.

I'd also add in a double click to turn fan off now - as there is nothing more annoying than not being able to run something off when you want.

- you would want to set the buttons to be disconnected though and just use it like a two button keypad.

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