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  1. I have a UniFi security camera system. I like their app, time lapse features and ability to search video quickly. Anyone successful integrate them with c4?
  2. Gonna try the Marantz. I use to use the KI signature series when I was overseas and loved them.
  3. The actual navigators on the walls show shades fine. The navigators on the tv do NOT currently show shades or security.
  4. My previous home has Lutron shades. They are quieter than somfy but more expensive. I had them in the house for 6 years with no issues. On the new home, I decided to use somfy with the uai interface communicating with rs485 protocol. No issues so far. Been approx 8 months. Used the Lutron drivers. You will need a report generated from the homework’s software to know the “Id” if each shade.
  5. I currently have a Sony 1100ES series for the living room. Need a recommendation for one that will go into the game room for the projector. Want something that works really well with C4 and has bullet proof drivers.
  6. I've got SR260 remotes on original rechargable batteries for several years. Almost all phones and tablets don't have rechargable batteries and are used daily.
  7. Control 4 over time will release more features on the remote. Everyone is getting worked up on battery replacement, features, etc.. The remote was just released and software development takes time. It's a high quality remote and a great framework for future features to be released.
  8. Anyone else have this issue with shades not showing on onscreen navigators or NEEO remote? They show up fine on the touch screens and apps. Using SOMFY shades.
  9. I have all equipment setup in a network closet currently. We have a downmux capable LU642D Matrix Video switch installed. Also have a audio matrix switch and 8 channel amplifier. Everything connected with Ubiquiti network gear. In the master, we have ceiling speakers and an LG OLED tv installed. We want the ability to choose between the ceiling speakers and tv speakers. Is there a quick way to allow audio to be channeled to either speaker set? In the living room, we have an LG 75" lcd tv with 5.1 channel surround sound. We want to be able to choose between the 5.1 channel surround sound and tv speakers. What is the best way to configure this setup?
  10. I'd love to have this if there is a proper driver for it.
  11. Going to use Pentair NUHEAT with WIFI thermostats. These are controlled via ANNEX4 driver
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