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  1. Need Help. I have a sonos connect and can program my keypad keys to turn on different music channels. I have been trying to help a friend who has heos do the same thing. Problem I'm having is while in composer i can't get the channels to populate. is there a work around, or do i have to use the touch screen to pick stations and can't do from light switches?
  2. do you do remote programing? if so can you pm me w/ a price?
  3. Leaf Hdmi Matrix (LHDMI66) w/ 4 Control4 brand baluns and I also have one off brand balun, if you have a way to splice in an ir it will work. The control4 baluns are hdbaseT. All reasonable offers entertained.
  4. I would like to know also. I have an account and so does my wife. My dealer tried and both icons are same account. The dealer that tried I stopped using cuz he sucks
  5. C4 said they would look into it and get back to him then he called a couple of days later they said it was in the mail.
  6. My dealer called control4 and asked for a midbox cuz mine broke (I got mine on eBay not thru c4) and they put one in the mail and the price was 101. That easy. Tell your dealer to talk to his rep
  7. Dan I have a hdmi switch for sale. Lead. Pm me. Leaf hdmi matrix 6x6
  8. I got one from my control4 dealer for $101
  9. I am in need of a mid box for a touch screen tswmc7. Mine is broken hoping someone has an extra from a broken screen that they want to sell. Pm me or answer this tread. Thanks.
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