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  1. Easiest and quickest way to be sure would be to enable remote control via. network settings>expert settings>enable remote control. It will populate in the discovered tab. Remember to Send pairing command after adding driver.
  2. Modem is an arris surfboard with no routing capabilities. Going to call tech support when i get on site
  3. Comcast/pakedge Rk-1 Yep . im thinking there is something wrong with director rather than a network issue. Weird everything on the system (ex. Sr260) doesn’t work after i disconnect from director locally with my pc
  4. 2.10.2 I also updated to 2.10.4 and did the same. Factory reset the controller and reregistered the controller, started a quick project to test and still the same problem. Even when I disconnect from PC from the controller the sr260's wont find the ZigBee network. Reconnect to director, devices work again.
  5. Yes it is. When I select this specific controller under "select remote account" and connect, it initializes and connects, however the director never populates.
  6. I recently installed and programmed an ea-3. Setup 4sight for the end user. Programmed Devices, notificaions, etc. All seemed complete, however when I tried to 'remote' into the controller, composer could not connect to director. In addition, the end users iphones will only connect when I am connected to director locally with my PC. Does not matter if the mobile device is on WIFI or cellular data. Also, I cannot ping the EA3 until I connect locally with my PC. Controller is on a static address. Tried DHCP, back to static and tired some work arounds in the router. 2.10.2 I
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