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  1. One decision I'm struggling with is to pre-wire my kids rooms for speakers or just use Sonos? I was considering wiring their rooms and then using the C4 wireless music bridge for their personal music. Thoughts? Do most wire their kids rooms or just mainly the public areas of the house? Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. We currently only use Spotify and Pandora for music. Both are covered and integrated well?
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome and the knowledge/opinions. I'm going to move to the C4 music and sell my Sonos equipment. If I put a pencil to it the cost becomes much less and gives my family a more consistent experience. I don't like any of voice listening systems (Alexa) so that didn't play a part in my decision. Thanks again! Chris
  4. Hi, Getting ready to select Control4 for a new home build. I've been a big Sonos fan for years and have several of their AMP's and speakers. I understand the Sonos integration with C4 is not as good as using the Triad hardware. Am I making a mistake by wanting to use my Sonos with C4 or should I make the switch with this new install and home? Thanks, Chris
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