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  1. I have an ask for a very sensitive sleeper. The user wants all backlights and LEDs in their room to be off when the dark threshold is reached on a C4 6 button keypad. However, they want to be able mash the keypad, have the LEDs/backlight turn on for a period (30 seconds?), show the current status of the keypad LEDs, make an adjustment, and then have it darken after so many seconds of inactivity. I am trying to get my head around a way to do this and I am coming up empty or with really ugly solutions (a zillion "if" statements and timers). Is there driver (3rd party or otherwise) for this or so
  2. This is great. Thanks all. It sounds like AVRs are much less finicky and have a much longer legacy than many other items.
  3. Similar to how Sony TVs are frequently spec'd with Control4 for quality and compatibility reasons, what are your go to AVRs?
  4. Yeah, power state is not coming through nor volume. Ok, hrm, I might have said I could do something I can't.
  5. I am working on a Sony. Is the Sony integration only one way? Meaning, Control4 can send a command but the TV will never update Control4 of local changes? The hope is to not use a Control4 remote and use the TV remote directly. Though the hope is we can still trigger off of the TV states. TV off - lower a lift. Using input X, apply programming Y. In my testing it really seems things are only one way though.
  6. Doesn’t matter - your mention of the Experience button got me digging and I stumbled upon it. You got me aimed and that’s what I needed. Cheers!
  7. Bah, I just found the Relay Lift Controller driver. This is perfectly perfect.
  8. Ah, that’s brilliant! Now to find an icon that’s not miserable...
  9. I feel like I’m missing something basic. I have a Z2IO and a Nexus TV lift using the dry contact control. Relay 1 is common and the “up” wire. Relay 2 is a jumper of common and the “down” wire. Fine. Where I’m having a mental block is programming. The generic TV lift driver only accepts a single connection for a relay and expects to toggle between open and close on a single relay. Here I’ve got R1 closed means up and R2 closed means down - plus if you want to stop mid open or close, you close the up to stop a down and close the down to stop an up. (I swear this isn’t an Abbot and Co
  10. I had similar dropping off Wifi issues - but a firmware update or two ago it became rock solid. Are the fans on the latest firmware?
  11. For sure. I have blown things up with stupid programming loops and this definitely wasn't that.
  12. I never did. I suspect it was a firmware issue as I haven't had a single issue since 3.2.1.
  13. Every load on a Control4 Dimmer/Relay has an energy section in Composer... Example Is there a driver or otherwise that allows this data to be pushed via some method to InfluxDB or Prometheus or anything?
  14. Woah! A Vera killer. If anyone gets this in hand, please report back your experience.
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