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  1. I’m somewhat surprised Control4 hasn’t opened up their ZWave abilities more - but I also understand why they haven’t. There is a lot of wild west Zwave half works half the time junk out there.
  2. I’d venture a guess C4 doesn’t want to license it. Their current implementation, as I mentioned earlier, is based on an open source implementation. My guess is the FOSS implementation isn’t fully baked yet (seems the protocol was only cracked ~18 months ago) OR there is some sort of IP or patent issue C4 doesn’t want to touch with a FOSS implementation. 100% speculation though.
  3. Don’t get me as a fanboy. I much prefer Spotify and hope they have lossless close behind. And I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m sure C4 has their reasons or it would be done by now. Apple IS an 800lb gorilla in the space, so native support, everything else being equal, would be good. I get it, Apple is a PITA and I’m not suggesting C4 sell their soul to get it, but it is also conspicuously missing. I’d add, I’m sure Apple will cooperate. Pay them enough or give them enough control and they’ll cooperate. See my sell your soul comment. A minor point to the above, it seems Apple lossless will only be coming to ATV 4K, so no older model ATVs to save a few bucks just to stream lossless. A late 2014 MacMini is the closest to a “stick it in the rack” cheaper used player one will get. Meh.
  4. I don’t even necessarily care for me personally. I’ll figure it out. But every customer ever saying “what about Apple Music” makes you feel like a dumb ass after a while. “But I thought C4 was the best? It can’t do Apple?!” It can create a FUD/credibility issue and frankly - C4 should have it. AirPlay is a work around compared to full integration. AirPlay should be a convenience, not a replacement.
  5. Heh, well, assuming Apple didn’t break it every other week.
  6. No clue…. You’d need inside info from C4. I’d love integrated Apple Music, but wouldn’t we all? Maybe an ancient Mac Mini or generation or two behind Apple TV for a value play?
  7. That’s only related to the 24bit/192khz content though I believe. I think 16/44 and 24/48 will not need an external DAC. fwiw, C4 is using Shairport under the covers (a really old version I might add) https://github.com/mikebrady/shairport-sync In theory it will do 32/176.4…. But the default is 16/44.1 which I believe is what C4 currently supports.
  8. Yeah, see the end of my post where I figured this out. Where it got really hairy is the project was corrupt seemingly which was another layer of ghost complication that was making me nuts. The Roku simply wouldn't do any thing as its outputs were seen as going to limbo. There was a power outage a few days back on this controller, so I think it didn't like that at all and precipitated all of my dark alley chases. Happily a validation fixed it all seemingly.
  9. That's where I am getting wrapped around the axle and how I ended up in the other areas. It doesn't exist along with Netflix and Hulu and....: And as I was writing this I realized the issue. The App Switcher in Connections only has 25 slots. What I see above is the first 25 apps installed by the "Add mini driver" action. I just had to disconnect a bunch to make room, connect Hulu and Disney etc, and boom, there they are,. Sigh. Mental note on this one. If you have a Roku with a metric butt ton of channels, you'll need to go back and connect the ones you care to control.
  10. Hrm, that isn't working either. So here are the two things I have tried. Launch App. This works except I have the situation where the Roku context is missing and the remote won't let me navigate until I choose Watch > Roku. Here I "turn on" the mini driver. This seems to do absolutely nothing and why I wonder if I have the AV Path Setter wrong somehow. And here is the AV Path setter in case I bungled something here that is causing an issue.
  11. Ooooo, so I should "Turn on" the mini-driver I want. I thought those were for touch screen/app use only. Thank you and duh.
  12. I have lost myself a bit in this. The physical set up: Roku > HDMI Matrix > Sony TV The HDMI Matrix is an HDFury and controlled via web calls in the Chow Main TCP driver. I have created an AV Path Setter object to connect the Roku to the TV seeing that the matrix has no real driver and C4 has no logical concept of the physical connection. I assigned the blue button to launch Disney+. Great, the TV turns on, Roku launches Disney+ .... but I can't control the Roku. If I hit Watch > Roku the context changes and the remote can now work with the Roku. I am missing something basic. How do I launch a Roku app AND have the remote (SR260) switch context to control the Roku too? Also, I am curious if I am using the AV Path Setter correctly in this context as I have never ventured outside the C4 product line for such things.
  13. Yeah, my attempts to upsell have not worked thus far. The appeal of Control4 is that the Luddite can “just use it”. The downside is those same Luddites don’t want to adopt anything newfangled.
  14. Well fudge - if anyone would know, it’s you. Seems I’m hosed here. Maybe I can get an SR150 cheap and see if that does the trick. They don’t have OSD, but I can probably work around that with RBGY buttons.
  15. Negatory Ghost Rider. If you hit select on the remote on the room that is the "Quick Select Room" it drops you to the top level of the tree and you can choose any room you want. Plus, the user can still reset to factory. It sounds like what I want to do isn't possible short of super glue in the List button. Here's a video of what I'm seeing in case I am totally off base.
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