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  1. FWIW, I just saw they posted new drivers a week or so ago. Let me load those up and see what’s new. Maybe daisy chaining intelligence is a thing now?
  2. I have 2 currently. They are extremely user friendly. The one issue I am having (and Anthem is a bit AWOL seemingly with COVID trying to get answers) is how to best integrate the two. There are no docs I can find on the topic. It seems they really expect the units to behave as two separate devices - so using the optical out and RCA passthroughs seems to not be understood by the drivers even though you can setup connections between the units in Composer. So, I may not be doing these anymore for systems that may have expansion in the future if I have to buy a separate matrix to put on top as the whole point is the matrix is in the amp. Maybe Alan Chow is lurking and can tell us how the driver is coded and if it was coded to understand daisy chaining. My other gripe is that there is roughly a 5 second delay to bring up a channel which makes announcements weird. If the use case is a small to mid sized install for music only, it's pretty much perfect.
  3. I got it. It didn't go to the same 2.9.1 build version as Update Manager listed though. It seems to work so... 🤞. All relays still work.
  4. I don't think folks are understanding. I cannot get to 2.9.1. Indeed, the Director is 3.1.3. If you look at the initial screenshot in this thread from OP, that is the exact behavior I am getting. Cyknight, you had told OP that he needs to get the device online. I am explaining that for all intents and purposes, the device IS online as it works, I can add it to the project, I can terminal into it via Composer, I can change the IP via System Manager, Composer even sees it in its login screen and identifies the software version correctly. Though, Update Manager won't let me update from 2.8.0 to 2.9.1. It sits there and spins saying "connecting" forever. I somewhat suspect this is fallout from the "no more password" situation or maybe a certificate issue. But it seems no one has run into this and we are oddballs. Maybe just time to toss a thread in the dealer forum or, ugh, make a call. I was hoping this was a quick/easy answer. C'est la vie.
  5. I am having the same issue. I am running 3.1.3 and out of the box the IO Extender is running 2.8. SDDP finds it, I can add it to the project, I can even terminal into it from Composer ... but I can't patch the thing to 2.9.1. System Manager connects to it and I can change the IP etc. In Update Manager it shows "Connecting" and won't run an update. So it's certainly not offline. Was there ever a fix to this issue?
  6. That’s a great idea. I’m not worried about messy, god knows I’ve had to make some things “just work”. Thanks!
  7. I was afraid of that. I can’t seem to even get double tap and hold to do anything. I tried Button > when double tapped > while pressed > “bottom button” on a centralized dimmer - but it seems it doesn’t recognize the “while pressed” on anything but a “When pressed”.
  8. I feel dumb I haven't figured this out... yet here I am. I have a 6 button key pad and want to be able to double tap and hold to dim and then ramp up when held long enough and essentially endlessly cycle between dim and ramp up while being held. Of course at button release, stop at the current dim level. Now, another wrinkle is these are not Control4 Centralized Dimming lights, so I have to play games with adding a set amount to the dim. The "top" button and "bottom" button work as toggles rather than dimmers with this particular driver. I figured start at the current dim value and subtract 20 until hitting zero then start to add 20 until 100 and continue the loop until released. Any sane ideas on how to achieve this? I have lots of bad ideas I can find terrible holes in the logic.
  9. Funny, I was trying to solve a “save state” issue the other day which is turning into a pile of variables and timers all over and I was thinking how grand an array would be.
  10. It does sadly. I was hoping I had missed something. I know I can find/replace devices, but to dig every time for other items stinks. Ah well. Thank you!
  11. Maybe I am dense or missed this - but is there a way to reuse code? Meaning, say I copy/paste a huge chuck of code to a new button on a keypad. If I want to change an IF I have to delete that IF, dig for the object, recreate the conditional etc. Is there no way to simply change "Variables = X" via simply typing in the number? Or maybe I want copy/paste a bunch of code and everywhere is says to "close" shades I want to "open" shades without have to drag every new command. Is this not a thing anywhere?
  12. I can think of a dozen clunky ways to do this, so I am wondering what the brains here think. We have 6 key pads with the bottom taken by a volume up/down. We are using most buttons as a toggle - for instance button 3 toggles between controlling the sun shade and the black out shade, sets a LED color based on what is selected, then the volume button sets the shade up or down. Easy enough as this is a boolean. What I am trying to do is use a button to cycle through selecting a particular light, flash the light when selected, and then the volume buttons dim up/down, both pressed power on/off the light. Thoughts on how to do this without a million IFs? I figure on each button press cycle through a numeric variable. Then I trail off on really ugly ideas. If Button Value = 3 turn on light X for 500ms. 30 IFs later I have my behavior. What's a better way? I imagine I am not thinking of something relatively elegant. EDIT: Bonus points if you can think of a way to take a snapshot of the LED state before an action to then reinstate the LEDs. Where I am going with this is set fan speed, use the LEDs in each button to show fan speed (button 2, 3,4,5 light red when fan is set to 4, button 3,4,5 set to red when fan is set to 3, so on) and after a timer expires the LEDs return to their previous state as button 2-4 indicate something else the rest of the time. I have done this on a pad with a zillion IFs, but it was hairy.
  13. This is an older thread - but there seem to be newer drivers out released 10/24/19. Also, the Hue bridge and bulb firmware updated at roughly the same time. The RGB (Single Lamp Full Color) doesn't work at all - or at least I can't figure it out. Did they break the whole thing?
  14. Ah, my mistake. I thought it was a ChowMain driver - but rather it sounds like you're distributing it only. Cool, I'll run this through Anthem.
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