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  1. We tested two different tvs, different HDMIs. we now have a stable image but it always stuck on “Getting latest settings”
  2. Thank you for the reply, we tried different HDMI cables, Two different tvs and different picture settings.
  3. Hello, I am sure my dealer will find a solution but just in case. We have a EA3 and the on screen has never worked properly to our main family room tv. HDMI connection via Baluns which is working if you restart the control4 you will see the control4 logo on boot up. The on screen continues to flash Getting the latest settings. We have also tried connecting directly to a TV from the EA3 in the rack in the basement and tv displays the same thing. Getting the latest settings flashing grey and black.
  4. I am having the exact same issues. I also lost the function from intercom app to call the chime door bell as well. It just rings and disconnects.
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