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  1. Hi Ninja, I'm not certain how you have yours programmed, but I have mine set to unlock a Zigbee lock on my door. If you have physical relays, etc. I'm not certain how this will affect those, do at your own risk. I'm still testing this out my self and would apricate if anyone else might provide any other details they have found. If you log into the GUI via browser for the DS2 and go to services and automation, you can create a new function to disable it. Make sure you don't play with the 1st one as that one is tied to the doorbell function. I created a new one "User Authenticated (clear green icon)": Then create the following and add your users, set delay to 5 secs, then set activate switch to 3 and state as "off". Ensure to save it: If it causes any issues, you can just delete it.
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