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  1. My take from the OP's post; The touchpad does boot up to the network/identify/device details page so a restore or reimaging the device will not do anything. The digitizer itself needs to be replaced if it boots to the ID Page and does not respond to touch.
  2. Have some gear available; will follow up with pictures and details upon request. Sold to alot of you over the years, thanks as always. -New Core 5 -used Triad AMS16 V2 &Triad Pamp8-100 -Assorted Control4 lighting
  3. Correct, that is what I was advised to do since the leads go to the same spot on the battery and not worry. Which they do. I have done this on a few with no issues.
  4. Quite easy and affordable; Just need to reuse/solder oem connector to new battery leads. I bought replacement connector with leads as well and just soldered them to new batterys leads That is the route I took, was only option available at the time I needed to do so.
  5. Not a direct replacement but I used this one in link below before. Need to cut and solder the oem connector to the replacement battery or replace the leads on the battery all together. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32790618287.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.order_list_main.5.21ef1802pNGBBm
  6. Which size do you have? 7" or 10"
  7. Awesome, good to hear it is backup and running again!
  8. https://shop.icepoweraudio.com/product/400sm/?attribute_pa_packaging-type=sample
  9. Sound like another 400SM ICE Power supply failure to me. Connections do not matter at this point if the dip switch on the Pamp8-100 is set; power mode is set to on. The fans should be running and the 1-8 Blue Led's for the channels should be on as well.
  10. I am using the Rotator Mount with another version Samsung Qled variant and the rotation control was added in a update last year. Control done via Programming; Version 209 Fixed DRIV-8134 (DRIV-8569): Serial control not functioning Fixed Color buttons with Network control Added Display Rotator Control device specific command
  11. https://www.axxind.com/smarthome/contact-sensor/
  12. PM sent, have T4 and T3 options on hand.
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