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  1. Confirming that they work in both, are the same.
  2. Replied to all PM's and updated thread! Thanks guys
  3. Sessions released in current update, likely see updates starting tomorrow (default setting Thursdays). I was waiting for Blinds to be added, was nice to finally see that! 1.34.3 (2020-04-08) Changes since last release: Full Session UX support Shades integration for Neeo Remote, similar to the SR-260 integration Volume Pop-up only appears when you have discrete volume. Volume Pop-up can be disabled through Composer
  4. + 1 for Sinope, second choice would be Nuheat Signature AC0055 (built in GFCI)
  5. Agreed long overdue. Wish they had went with a in wall solution, even if a deeper electrical box was needed.
  6. Agreed, looks like a cheaper lighting alternative: Outlet dimmer, outlet switch. AUX Keypad, FPD and switch
  7. Feb 24th, just need bigger truck..
  8. Disable Wifi sleep seemed to do the trick for mine. It would freeze up from time to time for a couple seconds.
  9. 6.3 is correct, I just mic a spare OEM power supply. The aftermarket ones are loose but do work.
  10. Blinds that are a few feet long are not very difficult to swap out motors; just need to match roll tubes with appropriate motor make, brackets and ring/pinion and drive gear( eg. Somfy tubes for somfy motors). Install blind material 100% squarely onto tube, Pop in assembled unit and done. Large blind panels are a bit of a PITA; same process as above but need to counter sink 2-3 screws into each tube, securing the drive gear to it. Keeps the drive gear from possibly spinning. For IR blinds; Matterlink multi X ( has 0-100 position slider) or Chowmain added a driver for another brand comes to mind for C4 integration. * slick trick for condo/industrial applications: hang multiple blind panels off of one tube/ motor instead of multiple short ones*
  11. Good to hear you pretty much got the blind project done, looks great! Just a thought since not integrated into C4 yet; Check out the domo somfy driver if you need more control of the blinds besides up, down and favorite positions. The domo driver has a pretty slick 0-100 slider (sure other similar drivers available now too)
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