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  1. PM sent Deleted sold items, added a bunch of controllers
  2. Updated, thanks for the support guys!
  3. Updated April 26 pictures to follow; EA-5 V1 sold! Ea-1 V1 used C4-KC120-WH sold C4-4FS120-SW fan controller new ZCA-Z2IR10A-ZP x2 new, 1 demo SR-250 used HC800-BL-1 (licenced model) with rack ears Used sold! 2 NYCE motion sensors X2 sold! Zigbee 3M antenna single gen3 SW wall plates x18 available, 1 in white
  4. I assume it is the 4-AA Battery model, non rechargeable so no cradle.
  5. PM's sent, thanks guys!
  6. Sold a few days ago.. will update list
  7. Added EA-5 and KP from reno
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