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  1. Replied to all, PM's sent... Added a WALL7 in white, decided not to use Thanks!
  2. Added to list! From a demonstrator home. All as new, dimmers back in original boxes.
  3. PM's sent to all. 95% of the lot gone in just over one day, thanks guys!
  4. I just used the steps below to remove from current mesh and factory restore on a Card Access Contact Sensor, should be the same. Remove the battery Press & Hold the ID button while putting the battery back in Continue to hold the ID button until LED turns solid amber Release the ID button.
  5. I am sure Msgreenf meant to use a Z2IO as an option with your existing EA-1, or EA3 in friends case, using Ilovec4's solution. No need to upgrade either controller or IO extender this way
  6. Good to see the Control4 application loads up in a instant now! Question; What is the Control4 Remote Hub Driver about in 3.1?
  7. https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/dimmers/
  8. Try turning this setting on under advanced; worked for me, had the same issue using the old App Advanced—Some mobile carriers frequently change IP addresses which can cause issues with Anywhere Access (4Sight required). If this is the case, tap ON.
  9. As TD mentioned previously, setup the RTS transmitter with the free Somfy drivers first. If you feel the need for greater control of the blinds, Domo offers a free trial. Wonderful driver!
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