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  1. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    Thank you so much @Cyknight I really do appreciate you taking the time. So the driver I just search on composer for either "DSTV" or "multichoice" and it list the drivers from the online database. I use the most recent one (by date created or modified driver date) Does that make sense and answer your question if not just let me know and I will provide whatever you need.
  2. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    It is! Yeah I have three in the house. Ok so Add Dish Driver _> Then bind it to the relevant Dstv Explora driver? What do you bind where? Totally comfortable adding the channels and icons in the Media tab it was just not linking....
  3. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    I have composer access So I can see the RF binding. Ok thank you What I am getting confused with (in my simple mind) is what is this "Cloud driver". For example I am in South Africa. Here we have a company called Multichoice also known a DSTV. They have published drivers online you can add to your project. I am just not sure if they have this "cloud driver"
  4. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    Yeah so when I go to the media tab, go to channels add one and add a pic, refresh navigators - Channels show up on the navigators but when you press it nothing happens. Doesn't show a channel that I added nothing. I even tried one without an image thinking that maybe the images I was using was to big.
  5. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    Thank you for the super information! I will go look at the UI Config Agent to play around with it. Any simple tools your guys use to make sure it is the right res, not really a wonder kid with anything image based I think I know how to use MS Paint and that is about it. The one I am getting confused on is number 4 - I am not sure what is meant by "What Cloud" What I do know is in my setup the driver is IR controlled, and you can set channels directly i.e. Set or Emit 255 to show 255. So I think for setting the channel directly I am good. I just don't understand the "Cloud driver" part, if you don't mind pointing me in the right direction.
  6. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    1. Dam that really sucks... No reason not to allow consumers to do this.... 2.EA5 so I am. Assuming one can do it on there. Where would you do it in Composer or upload file using the FS? 3. Fantastic 4. Source is a setup box currently using the UHF driver for it. The interface to it is IR. What would I bind to the channels? 5. Then they must have had some custom C4 build for their system. Sorted in the setup part just needed to know how 😁😁
  7. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    Hi All Spending some time at the Aria in LV at the moment and I see that they all C4 in the rooms. Pretty cool as I am use to the system. There are some really cool features I was wondering how they got working (don't know if it is a specific "Hotel Setting" like certain TV's have "Hotel Mode"). So some of the features I would like to copy: 1. I know it's trivial but it's cool :) - On the "title bar" of the on screen navigator it actually has my name i.e. I Love Control4 I think this is pretty cool esp for each of the kids rooms with their names. Question: Where did they configure this? 2. The background image seems to be the default background with Aria logo on it. Question: Can one customize their own backgrounds. Where do you store it or upload it into the system? 3. The remote looks like a SR150 which is cool - I have an old SR150 at home. Question: Do they still work on 2.10.x firmware? 4. Watch > Channels - Man I have never been able to get this to work. My Dealer once had it setup for me with all the channels and local logos for these channels. This was 2.8 firmware days but as the upgrades went along it just died and I removed it. Question: How do you setup the channels I see there is a Channels node in the tree but when I try configure it i.e. add a channel refresh the navigator it doesn't show what I just added. Also how does one add custom images to each of the channels so that for example for CNN you have the logo and the text not just the text? 5. There is a "Connection Panel" in the room, kind of a panel with all the different endpoints i.e. RCA, HDMI, RJ45 etc. What I found really cool is under watch and listen they show this (even the right icon) called: Connectivity Panel - Even though when pressed it just goes to HDMI 2 I have a few of these "panels" in the walls of the rooms and would be great to have this on the navigator! Question: How did they configure this with the right logo / icon binding I am sure is simple binding in composer. Drapes is cool very cool but I need to do some research of which product I can use for C4 as well as if I can retrofit them as I have drapes right now they all just manual :)
  8. ILoveControl

    TP-Link Chowmain Driver

    You have no idea how much I ❤️ you right now Will check it out now. Thats all we need an open API Let me go check it out.
  9. ILoveControl

    TP-Link Chowmain Driver

    Do they have API doc for the lights I could look into it, or packet sniff the traffic between the KASA app and the light and switches.... Might be something they schedule in the background on the cloud and then "Push to the light at the scheduled time.... There are so many awesome smartThings on the market now TBH its finding out from them if they have open API's you can interface with (most of them are Alexa or Google compatible), but like you I have a 240v issue The Philips HUE is cool and has the best amount of devices but that HUE hub is a @#@# You thought of a Samsung SmartThings driver yet? Has a rich API.
  10. ILoveControl

    TP-Link Chowmain Driver

    Just a note, they don't make outdoor lights they don't have a IPxx rating either. The light bulbs are awesome I don't think strobing them though is a good idea, not to sure they designed for that. If you look in the app they do have a party scene have you tried that? Alan can one access the scenes through the JSON code? Maybe that could be work around.
  11. ILoveControl

    PC Navigator

    Hi all, I was probably stupid and changed something somewhere and now can't find it Before if I started up my PC navigators it knew which director to connect to and use to load up the C4 navigator interface. Now for some reason when it starts up it asks me to hold down on the screen for configuration and I have to go to Director> choose director > then "X" and "X" again before it loads the director. Does anyone know the setting so it by default connects the director without having to go through all these annoying steps?
  12. ILoveControl

    Battery Status Agent

    Correct - Flash on the PC Navigator
  13. ILoveControl

    Battery Status Agent

    Hi all, Just wanted to check has anyone experienced this on the PC Navigator (See screenshot)
  14. ILoveControl

    Thermos in one room

    Hi all, Probably something really simple. I have two thermostats in one room. I have hidden the one from the navigator only allowing on to be viewed / controlled. However on the navigators it is showing the wrong temp. Say it shows 21 deg if I click on comfort the right thermo is there but its showing 18, What dictates which is the right thermo to display on the home screen of a room in a navigator and where does one configure this
  15. ILoveControl

    Apple Watch App

    Just out of interest did they ever create a app of Android watches (wearable)