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  1. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Is there going to be any resolution? Or do we have to turn off monitoring our SR260 its highly irritating getting notifications constantly about your low SR260 while its in the charging bay. Esp when you highly OCD
  2. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Its a SR260 bug or rather spam.....
  3. HDMI with Apple TV

    The irony I turn it off on the TV AnyNet+ and in Apple Theater Control. Now the dam thing works with the TV and Camera through C4 but doesnt want to flip to the ATV
  4. New Driver: Battery Agent

    So: 1. Only SR 260 all other devices are working 2. Device is base station charged Interesting does C4 know this?
  5. HDMI with Apple TV

    Always trust@msgreenf will try it out thanks dude. Is that on the TV or Driver (not at home right now),
  6. HDMI with Apple TV

    Hi all, Not sure if anyone has experienced the same thing? Samsung Led TV HDMI inputs - been using the inputs for ages input 1 for video to reciever and input 3 to My cameras. Added a Apple TV bound it to HDMI 2, simple right. Since doing that the TV is on drugs. I cant get out of HDMI 2 using C4 if i chose `watch video` does nothing (still bound in the project to hdmi 1) same for 'watch cameras'. If I manually change inputs with the TV remote it works. Anyone with advice or had this happen? The only input that works as intended (when i select it on the c4 remote) is the apple TV.
  7. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Agree - mine doesnt auto update with the auto update agent. There also seems to be a bug I get a daily mail saying my 260 is at 19% when its not. It either fully charged or at 80% i have tested this over two weeks. I am on 1003 paid version
  8. Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    Yup just arrived back from the USA with a spanking new Show and integration doesn't work (yet). So now I have the dot, echo and show tbh the show is nice but dont really se the point of it yet....
  9. Apple TV Gen 4

    And that is the reason I picked thr ATV 1. It always works doesnt have some random cr@p fail 2. My music videos etc all live on Apple, stuff I don't have lives on Plex. I got the stick as Roku is Roku is Roku. 4K well I dont see much 4K video to stream to be honest so its still a novelty. The interface of Roku is just shocking compared to Apple. I wonder how ELAN does the integration with ATV they seemed to have got it right.
  10. Apple TV Gen 4

    I actually have a Roku sitting on my desk the stick HDMI one. I bought it for that reason now its sitting here as a big USB stick What put me off was some of the integration issues with the available drivers that I read on the forum. Not sure if they have been addressed @alanchow These were ability to launch the Plex client remotely, the ability to download the Movies, series etc into C4. This stick connects to my Plex server (My gaming machine :)) on my home network. I have the Roku streaming stick 3600x - Stick details
  11. Apple TV Gen 4

    Yeah so I was being a complete idiot - Sorry about that! Yeah I don't know why the C4 controllers one day when they big don't end up being able to support playing video I mean a cheap device can do this now... You see this is the exact issue I have. The Plex app on the A TV is actually awesome. The problem is I can't simply have a Scene or button mapped to OPEN PLEX. I have to teach my wife how to do it or 2 year old (imagine that ...) I have Alexa everywhere in the house (the new Show is actually quite cool) but again cant create a scene for that cause you never know which position the menu on the A TV was left - so you can't even use key strokes to get you back to Plex app (even if its first on the list). As much as I hate admiting this - I might have to go get one to do this. The Apple TV is just so much better man (in terms of everything else) I am sure Plex writes this for A TV, surely this can't be complex to implement in the client for Plex or do you think this is Apple that doesn't allow it? It's like Plex on the Smart TVs don't allow it either, there has to be more of a reason than just oh we don't implement it
  12. Apple TV Gen 4

    Hi all Wife bought these for the kids rooms, checked houselogix saw the ELan (can't remember the exact name) driver. Seems very cool, a few questions. It seems like it has a lot of Plex intergragtion is it pulling that info from the Plex client on the Apple TV or the Plex server on your network? Also any other Apple TV driver I should be considering before I buy a few for the house? Thanks as usual!!
  13. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Can confirm: The CardAccess wireless Contact, Axxess Contact Sensor, Axxess motion Sensor, Axxess DoorBell. Thank you!
  14. New Driver: Battery Agent

    In my project: Obviously remotes. 1. Card Access relay (with Temp) 2. Axxess - Motion / humidity sensor 3. Axxess - Door Bell Thats all I can think for now - its just finding the Remotes.
  15. New Driver: Battery Agent

    Just a question - when installed it picks up all my remotes in device selection but no other devices... you suppose to select something specific?