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  1. Can confirm: The CardAccess wireless Contact, Axxess Contact Sensor, Axxess motion Sensor, Axxess DoorBell. Thank you!
  2. In my project: Obviously remotes. 1. Card Access relay (with Temp) 2. Axxess - Motion / humidity sensor 3. Axxess - Door Bell Thats all I can think for now - its just finding the Remotes.
  3. Just a question - when installed it picks up all my remotes in device selection but no other devices... you suppose to select something specific?
  4. Truth be told I have the other driver from HouseLogix not sure what the manufatures name is right now. Now I'll have to buy another one😑😑😑 Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  5. This, this, this, this Their devices drink batteries Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  6. The only thing I can't seem to get on the paid drivers (and they worth the payment for the features), is when the system is armed and something trips / activates the alarm it just gives you the zone I.e. Zone 2. Would be nice if it would give you the Zone text like the key pad does. If you go to the keypad you can see it was Garage PIR for example. Its a PIA. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  7. Programming isnt the issue its good old normal programming its just the time to do it
  8. As @msgreenf said no need for the voice scenes. I used both the Epic Systems one is a billion times better in my opinion it has far more profitability, be-careful what you wish for though cause you have to do all the programming. Were as the built in driver already has some logic in it.
  9. Can it replace the default ICONS or do you have to go the emoji section and then access them there?
  10. Hi all, Just checking anyone got a JBL 450 Soundbar driver? Thought I would ask first.
  11. OK so I am thinking the same thing then bunch of delays to filter through Samsung smart TV OR my Roku Stick (I just bought) till I get to Plex. Then more delays to go to menus -> select movie. Press play. I feel your pain Monna, Trolls mine still does that dam purple dinosaur!!!!!!
  12. So My 2 year old is starting to understand how to work with things and is even taking to Alexa (for the week I have had it - sigh...) However I was thinking what do you guys do for your little ones. For example my little one has about 4 movies (In Plex) I was trying to find a easy way for her to just one button and it starts the movie and turns off etc. But then we add Plex into the fray and it becomes as complex as anything. Wanted to know what you guys have done around this (those with kids and those that programmed for kids)
  13. @msgreenf. I am assuming these don't need any other hardware to get everything to work as we have discussed. They will do MJPEG straight from the camera?
  14. Ok bought the driver, yup this is the deal. Really nice driver @chopedogg88 good work. You guys got plans to update for things like Thermo, Alarm proxies etc? Love the default On off etc
  15. Now you can see I don't have an official dealer - this forum is kinda my dealer [emoji3]