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  1. ILoveControl

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Thank you very much let me go quickly look and make a call Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. ILoveControl

    iOS App Crashing

    Yup I am Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. ILoveControl

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Could I ask a really dumb questions. I *really* want to get some of these for my home install have four shields. What puts me off is I am never 100% sure which item to buy. Just a IRUSB IRUSB with Net Play Home IRUSB with Net Play Pro I really like the features of a video wall as I could integrate my camera streams, weather etc all on one screen. Would really appreciate the guidence.
  4. ILoveControl

    iOS App Crashing

    Yup same Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. ILoveControl

    OpenVPN Configuration - Default Ports Inquiry

    No if your OpenVpn is allowing you to connect and you on your LAN then you have a LAN IP and the C4 box is accessible Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. ILoveControl

    Are the intercoms zig bee repeaters?

    This would really be a great addition! Btw "intercoms" = DS2? Just for clarity
  7. ILoveControl

    OpenVPN Configuration - Default Ports Inquiry

    Openvpn uses a default UDP port of 1194. I would suggest though you choose a different port other than the default port. An interesting statistic - within the first hour of a device being connected to the internet it will be probed (attempt to gain access) 6000 times. Which machine on your network is acting as your OpenVpn server? On that machine when setting up the client config you can specify the port to bind on. It will then save that config usually into a .ovpn file which your client i.e. openvpn for android or ios etc will import to setup the client connection agent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. ILoveControl

    WTB HC800 Rack Mounts

    Would these work for an EA5? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. I have on a APC Smart UPS 3000kva 1. My Netgate XJ 7001 1U firewall 2. My fiber router 3. My wireless 4. My core router 5. My cameras 6. One of my EA5 the main director I have on power conditioning unit all AV all other networking cables and the relay wires for irrigation. These are subset able to induction from lightning etc Love the wattbox was looking at it now but they don’t seem to have a product for 240v wish they did then I would buy one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Hi all, Been loving my T3 screens but have a question around the popup messages. What is the best way to build a message with a bunch of variables and show it as a popup with an ok button. It allows for plain text in the message and or one variable? So for example when I say good night - I would really like a message for example: Good night, House status: Garage door - Closed (Variable) Front Door - Closed (Variable) Alarm - Armed (Variable) And so on and on. One way I thought about doing this was having a variable in the system and macro that would build up the message and store it in the variable. Then I would use that variable at "Good night" time and use that variable in the T3 Popup Text. Seems archaic doing it this way so thought I would ask to see if or how anyone else is doing it.
  11. ILoveControl


    Now that is interesting maybe@alanchow knows
  12. ILoveControl

    Netgear Orbi

    This was on very old firmware doesn't apply now. I still highly recommend the Gryphon it's incredible hardware. Blows any other WiFi router away including the SMB offerings. It's also supports mesh.
  13. ILoveControl

    Netgear Orbi

    I have five of them they brilliant. I But Then.... I bought two Gryphon (check on Amazon) and two of them did the job of my five Orbi.
  14. My advise and I have tried almost everything - might not pertain to your situation but food for thought. You have a few options HD Matrix are typically expensive the ones that work with C4. Are they worth it - absolutely yes if you serious about simplicity - just works and quality. Disclamer -- In the end of all my spending and trying different senarios I ended up buying the LEAF matrix .... So options: 1. You can look at the price of having an actual device duplicated in each room - example - -Your TV has a Apple TV, Roko etc connected directly to the back of it. Same for the kids rooms. You take those total devices and add them up they will prob still come up to cheaper than a matrix down side: well - You have to power all of those, Network all of those, connect to the TV all of those === Ugly mess at the back of your TV';s == Configuration on C4 can become a nightmare to. Then comes trying to use a receiver to get this going - yes you can but the real receivers that have multiple outputs get you to the price of a matrix. So in the end after buying triple devices - receivers etc I ended up with a matrix.
  15. ILoveControl

    WTB - HC800 - rack mount Ears

    Hi all, Looking to buy the rack mount "Ears". Have a HC800 but want to rack mount it. PM me please Thank you