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  1. ILoveControl

    Netgear Orbi

    This was on very old firmware doesn't apply now. I still highly recommend the Gryphon it's incredible hardware. Blows any other WiFi router away including the SMB offerings. It's also supports mesh.
  2. ILoveControl

    Netgear Orbi

    I have five of them they brilliant. I But Then.... I bought two Gryphon (check on Amazon) and two of them did the job of my five Orbi.
  3. My advise and I have tried almost everything - might not pertain to your situation but food for thought. You have a few options HD Matrix are typically expensive the ones that work with C4. Are they worth it - absolutely yes if you serious about simplicity - just works and quality. Disclamer -- In the end of all my spending and trying different senarios I ended up buying the LEAF matrix .... So options: 1. You can look at the price of having an actual device duplicated in each room - example - -Your TV has a Apple TV, Roko etc connected directly to the back of it. Same for the kids rooms. You take those total devices and add them up they will prob still come up to cheaper than a matrix down side: well - You have to power all of those, Network all of those, connect to the TV all of those === Ugly mess at the back of your TV';s == Configuration on C4 can become a nightmare to. Then comes trying to use a receiver to get this going - yes you can but the real receivers that have multiple outputs get you to the price of a matrix. So in the end after buying triple devices - receivers etc I ended up with a matrix.
  4. ILoveControl

    WTB - HC800 - rack mount Ears

    Hi all, Looking to buy the rack mount "Ears". Have a HC800 but want to rack mount it. PM me please Thank you
  5. ILoveControl

    WTB - T3 Inwall - White

    Hi all, Looking at venturing into the T3 arena, really looking for a second hand on if possible. PM me. Thank you
  6. ILoveControl

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    Looks AWESOME - maybe the one feature that will draw people to the T3.
  7. ILoveControl


    @South Africa C4 user interesting thread. I have EA5's (*single*) in each of my homes (actual home, holiday homes) and they are similarly complex. The EA5 does a fantastic job and when looking at the resource monitor its not really taking a beating. For audio I use a audio matrix which is far cheaper than a EA5 and of course they work well. I like dedicated equipment that are there for a purpose i.e. Audio. As for the OSD, I use it A LOT - I just don't see the point of a T3 I have tried to research why its better than say an iPad with the app. I was in the USA last week and bought myself the Amazon Fire 10 and 8 tablets with their new doc's which are awesome and work well with the control4 app as well. What do you see as the game changer or killer feature of the T3 vs a mobile device (iPad / Amazon Fire / Windows Tablet etc). For me the killer feature of those tablets is that you can do other things if you need to and it's not proprietary .
  8. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    @South Africa C4 user excellent I have three explora's and can actually do this 😁 @RyanE awesome thank you for the explanation @Cyknight as usual thank you for your response and time!
  9. ILoveControl

    Web interface drivers

    It's cool @RyanE I understand. Look I love the T3 but I also have like 15 tablets and other devices it would just have been a nice seemless experience
  10. ILoveControl

    Web interface drivers

    I would be more than happy with just an updated more capable PC app or even mobile app. I know it would kill the T3 but given that there is Way more mobile devices this could diversify the market nicely. IMO an opportunity lost for C4. I kind of loved the 4store
  11. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    Thank you @Cyknight Just so I understand correctly. The reason the input jumps to the antenna input instead of the HDMI input in the room I am selecting the channel from, is because I have the wrong bindings on the Cloud driver? Just want to make sure I am chasing the right rabbit 🐰 Pity one cannot limit the channels *out the box* would be great to give the little one a remote or touch screen to control their own TV.
  12. FIrstly Great Driver - as usual. @alanchow - the Yeelight specifically the LED strips come in 2m (6 foot) strips. Because you cannot dasiy chain them (for some odd reason), the suggestion from them is to add them to all to a scene then activate the scene in the Yeelight app. Can we do this with your driver or any plans to release this?
  13. ILoveControl

    Copy C4 Experience

    Ok no laughing Firstly thank you @South Africa C4 user and @Cyknight I finally added all channels up to 902 Took ages to find images and allocate etc etc. So the *not laughing* part is that it changed some binding somewhere which I can't find after an hour checking. What it use to do when I went to the Cable TV it went to my receiver set output 2 - Went to my Samsung Q7 and changed the input to HDMI 3. Perfect. Now it briefly goes to HDMI 3 on the Samsung Q7 then changes the input on the TV to the antenna TV input (*which of course I have nothing connected*) Where is it hiding this binding Also my On screen navigator is not showing (always was so something changed there) I am assuming that I use another (seperate or the same?) Dish Network Channel for the Music (audio only) channels that the same cable box provides? Last Question - is there a way to limit which channels show on the channel panel in my kids rooms i.e. only Disney or only nickjunior?
  14. Hi All, This is getting really irritating - every time I open the PC Navigator I get a black screen that says "Connecting - Please Hold for configuration". My network is up and running and the fustrating part is if I do hold and go to Director>Pick my EA5 that pops up>then close the section (Click on the X's that are on the config) my houses Navigator comes up. Not really sure why it is doing this. Anyone know or know how to fix it?
  15. ILoveControl

    Curtain Retrofit automation

    I don't think they have retrofit items available you have to buy the entire stack i.e. the motor *(no issue)* and the tracks *(Issue)* Am I correct?