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  1. jackstone

    RGBW Lights

    They do! (Done that in my basement party room).
  2. Image updater worked, the controller updated to latest version and can now register properly. Thanks guys!
  3. I never knew about this one... I'm trying it right now and so far it seems to work... Thanks for the hint!
  4. Problem is: to update I need a properly registered controller... And yes I've tried install to SSL patch, it installs successfully but still can't register the controller. and since this house is remote, i can't go on site and do the usb thing. I use a third party vpn solution to get to the controller right now.
  5. Anyone has seen this error message when trying to register a controller? "Code invalid or expired" Tried: - Creating new account - Use another account from "Select Account" tab - Use another account via "Manual Registration" - Re-identify the controller Nothing worked... The controller is running 2.9.1 and it has not seen internet until about a month ago (installed a year ago in a remote home). What I've done initially is to register the controller using my cell phone hotspot the first time to start the project, then it worked fine without Internet for a whole year, I can confirm Internet is now working on the controller, but there is this registration issue... Anyone can help?
  6. We just released an update to our DMX Driver suite, this is mainly a maintenance release that address some bugs that were present in the last version. So v.2.13 fixe those issues: - Dimmer and RGB dimmer does not change on/off click rate - LIGHT_LEVEL_WITH_RAMP does not work on Group Dimmer - The Color Wheel always appear a bit out of bound on T3 touch screen until the aspect ratio is set to full from the camera interface. Color Wheel now appear full screen and fits entirely on the screen without any adjustment. Also we added a new feature that may help people who, like me, install a lot of large DMX system and sometime lose track of witch channels are used and what device is on a particular channel. Now you can output a "report" of all DMX channel usage in a project, with a formatted view that shows the channel number, name and type of load configured, all this information can be easily copy/paste into Word, printed and left in the room to help any people trying to service a DMX system. The updated driver in online now at Houselogix.
  7. Denon Professionnal DN-508MX driver for Control4 https://www.denonpro.com/products/view/dn-508mx A good alternative to DBX ZonePro for your Control4 commercial audio projects! We've just released a Control4 driver for this nice commercial audio mixer. If feature 5 stereo inputs, 8 zone output and 5 mixing Mic/Line inputs (all balanced or unbalanced). The driver integrate most of the matrix features in Control and take advantage of WebView to allow your customer to interact with the device Web Mixer right from the T3 touchscreen. So you get the best of both world! Control4 integration for keypad binding, easy volume and zone control and deeper mixer control through the Web Mixer. And best of all... it's much cheaper than the DBX Zone Pro! The driver is available at Houselogix: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/denon-pro-dn-508mx-control4-driver
  8. It need at least 5.071 for 2.02 to work, The bundled firmware is 5.072 and this is the one tested when the driver was release, we recommend using 5.072. Upgrading firmware is easy but need a computer with serial port (or USB to serial). Use the upgrade utility bundled with the driver download package from Houselogix and you'll good to go.
  9. Just finished some testing with the new Mi-Light wireless RGBW+CCT DMX bulb http://agouk.com/index.php/milight-lights/milight-dmx-products/mi-light-futd04-9w-dmx512-rgb-cct-led-light-bulb-e27.html Using only Control4 as control system. First impression are OK... the bulb react well, it is a true RGB + Cool White + Warm White, all 100% controllable within control4 using the actual DMX driver. This can be a cost effective retrofit alternative for someone wanting colored lights without running wire for LED strips. But there is some negative stuff I've found: The bulb does reset to a default "Color Changing" mode when it gets out of power (your turn off the wall switch). And it need to receive a command from the DMX system to get back to it's last color, so it mean the Mi-Light DMX "dongle" does only translate DMX command to Wireless Mi-Light command with no refresh. It take some time to "boot" (about 1sec) each time we turn on the switch, so it can't be use for a true replacement of traditional bulb without making sure the wall switch will be either replaced or bypassed, not to mention to other point about the default "color changing" mode on power on... The pairing mechanism is a bit weird... with 16 "zones" per dongle and some grouping feature that can be useful to insure multiple bulbs to react perfectly synchronous, other than that, would be nice to talk to the bulb directly using DMX and do all using scenes in C4... It is not so bright... about the equivalent to a 30w incandescent, so can't be use for a true replacement of functional white light and can't compete with most white LED bulb on the market. Use it for a party room with no need for powerful light. Did not tried a number of bulb in a scene, but will not test because I am not enough impress buy the overall product. Anyway... even with that said, it is still a wireless DMX bulb that cost only $17 and work with C4!!! Can't expect too much for this price, and yes, it work, so you're to decide if you can live with some drawback.
  10. For sure! I'm waiting for my prerelease Engine to test a new driver that will include IP communication. Expect a slight delay between the release date of the Engine and the new driver release because I want to add some optimization for IP engine that should prevent any slowdown when controlling a huge dmx scene through control4.
  11. Best place to get Meanwell power supplies: In the US: TRC Electronics this is a link to my personal favorite: https://trcelectronics.com/View/Mean-Well/HLG-320H-24A.shtml In Canada: Mouser Canada https://www.mouser.ca/ProductDetail/MEAN-WELL/HLG-320H-24?qs=sGAEpiMZZMt5PRBMPTWcaRTgZe1UVjfl305gouibReA%3d Meanwell HLG are the best to use because they does not require external mounting box to meet electrical code. If you're not an electrician you can put a NEMA-15 plug on the input wire and just connect them to a regular power strip, by not connecting them "permanently" your job will be 100% legit.
  12. Yes but 22ga is a bit small.. It will work for a short run and light load. Try using 18ga for 50' run and 16ga for 100'+ Be aware of not overloading you power supply, decoder or cable line.
  13. You can easily run up to 150-200' on 16GA 24v. Don't do it on 12v. Also a low voltage system is very versatile and can use some locally powered lights by keeping central control if the cable run is way too long. In that case, the cable run will be for dmx signal and not dc voltage for led.
  14. Also I can get you better volume pricing if you need to place a sizable order.
  15. The modem he's talking about is this one: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/outdoor-24w-rgbw-ceiling-downlight-dmx-compatible It comes with a spike for easy installation on the ground. Wiring is a bit tricky cause it need a 24v power line out of the 5 rgbww control wire, so a minimum of 6 wire is needed to be ran.