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  1. jackstone

    Colorwheel for LED lights

    It work on all touch device including the mobile app, but it is much nicer on the T3 because you can bring it from the lighting icon and the color wheel is displayed full screen, those two things are not possible on the mobile app.
  2. Grab a generic 12-ch decoder like the one at Houselogix, use it to drive two rgbwcct strip or use only 5 channel on it if you don't need more... it's the best cost per channel and it ia very easy to work with.
  3. We are currently testing the new Mi-Light RGB+CCT Wireless DMX Bulbs with our DMX solution...
  4. A note beside the "unidirectionnal" fact of the DMX protocol, this is partially true, yes the "Light" can't provide feedback of it's state but the way DMX work by constantly refreshing the whole 512 channel 60 times per seconds lead the DMX Engine to always keep a real-time updated buffer of every light state in the universe, thus allowing us to query the state of any light through the Engine and always getting an accurate result. You can't lose track of a light if it is properly communicating with the Engine.
  5. Sorry my mistake, 72w is for RGB, for single white is more like 25w per 16'
  6. A 16' LED strip usually consume 72w, you can put 3 of them per 5a channel but I would stick with a maximum of 2 (32') to avoid dimming. also, don't use 12v when doing a whole house, always use 24v, it can travel much longer without dropping voltage. 12v is good only for small retrofit of things like cabinet pucks.
  7. DMX is not only RGB lights, it can be every single light in a house. We have done many whole house all with low voltage lighting driven by DMX, the house lighting does look pretty standard but in fact there is many thing we were able to achieve with low-voltage that would not be possible with 120v, like miniature downlight, cabinet light panel, custom chandelier, indirect linear light and more... Look at any designer catalog and every single room you'll see can be lit with low voltage and achieve a unique, yet cost effective lighting that can be controlled easily using DMX and some C4 keypads.
  8. No the only compatible interface is the RS-232 DMX Engine from Engineering Solutions. Available at Houselogix or response-box.com websites.
  9. We had a discussion about SPI and Pixel LED on the forum if I remember... Long story short, Pixel LED or SPI will work with DMX and with our driver but remember each "RGB Pixel" use 3 DMX channels, so if you're using a strip with 150 pixel, that mean 150x3 channel used, that is already a huge load for a Control4 controller, each DMX Channel is a "Light" for C4... So yes, it will work, but don't try to control a large number of pixel LED (some use more than one DMX Universe), C4 is just not deisgned for that. I would stick with 200 channel or less.
  10. Took some time to be able to go back on site and I finally manager to get there and try what Cyknight suggested, and I confirm it work, I can now manage my system locally without Internet connection. Thanks! C4, with Crestron, are two of the few control systems that does not rely on a cloud service to run, which is a GOOD thing! I really hope this will stay as is.
  11. I will try that later today, but if it work, man, you saved my life! Huge thanks!
  12. I've done that million of time: Installing C4 in a closed network without Internet access, mostly in commercial or government projects, that work fine until the release of OS 2.9 / 2.10. When I try to connect using Composer it respond Can't connect to Director on xx.xx.xx.xx (the IP address). This can be resolved by having access to the Internet on the router or gateway. I tried the controller on static IP, DHCP, tried to remove the default gateway on IP setting (does not let me do that), tried with and without router and nothing worked, Internet is needed for Composer to connect... The C4 system still work without internet access once configured but I always need to hotspot my phone to get some kind of Internet access to the router each time I need to manage this system, witch it really annoying.... The question is: Is it still possible to manage a system without Internet access? Is there someone who manage to do it on OS 2.9 / 2.10? Please do not reply something like: "just leave it connected to the Internet". This is not possible since most of our project of this kind are on military complex with no Internet access.
  13. What version of the driver are you using? Make sure it's the latest (2.11), there is some minor stuff fixed in 2.11 that helps on large light scenes. You can also try the Rebuild Scene Database action in the DMX Engine driver Also, what kind of DMX lights are in the scene? There is some best practice to apply when using DMX lights in scene since we provide light driver that can already control a group of light (light the Group Dimmer or the RGB Group Dimmer), those should not be part of a scene. You only add single DMX Dimmer or RGB dimmer to the scene and I would suggest putting them in an hidden room if you're already using group dimmer or color changer in the room, just to avoid loading up the room and confuse the customer. Not sure if you understand the concept here... Let me know if this is unclear. I think I will need to do a tutorial on the suggest, because that's something important to know for smooth running DMX project, particularly large one. If you want me to check if the scene you have follow the best practices, let me know, we can either do a TeamViewer session or you can send me a backup of the project.
  14. jackstone

    Colorwheel for LED lights

    As for the driver, all (known) bugs has been taken care of, so far this release run very stable. I am still more than happy to hear from you guys, especially if you find some unknown issue to fix or require new features.
  15. jackstone

    Colorwheel for LED lights

    Not true. The DMX ColorWheel now show in the Lighting Section of the T3 touchscreen with C4 OS 2.10. It need a simple programming trick that is explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGJSpcTZZ_I