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  1. Until C4 release a proper ColorWheel Proxy, here is a nice generic Color Wheel driver that work with every possible lights compatible with Control4. It is available right now at Houselogix, you can try it for free an unlimited number of time, so everyone looking for a simple Color Wheel interface that work with your RGB lights, here it is. You can try it with Phillips Hue, Enttec DMX, Lutron, C4 Dimmer or any other third party light driver, it should work with all of themĀ­. Download link: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/generic-color-wheel-for-any-rgb-lights Features Overview: - Work with ANY Light device that is compatible with Control4 - Bind with light devices using a simple Device Selector or use variable in Programming - The Color Wheel interface work with the T3 Touch Screen or any mobile device using the Control4 App - The Color Wheel interface can be brought on-screen using a provided UI Button - Instant load, No glitch/Load time/Endless spinning wheel - 8 customizable presets - Custom Turn-On color - Brightness control - Customizable fade Frequent Asked Questions: Why I need to go to the Security Section to view the Color Wheel? Until Control4 release a proper Color Wheel Proxy, we had to use the Camera Proxy to bring this feature to Control4 Navigator. Ok, but why not using Web View? Because Web View, although very powerful, work only on T3 touchscreens... And if you have the same kind of customers as we have, they are IN LOVE with their phone so it NEED to work on their phone. If it does not work on phones, it does not work at all. This solution work either on T3 and on any mobile device via the Control4 App. BTW There is another comparable T3-Only WebView driver available right now. Can we trigger the Color Wheel interface without going to the Security section? Yes, on T3 you can use the Color Wheel UI button provided with this driver. You can place this UI button in any section of Navigator (except Lighting ) and you will then be able to trigger the Color Wheel interface using the Navigation Agent and simple Composer programming What kind of light device is compatible with this driver? Almost any lighting driver that work on Control4 will work with this driver, it can be a Control4 wall Dimmer, the Enttec DMX Dimmers, or any third party solution that control RGB light in Control4.
  2. jackstone

    Insteon v2 Driver Released

    Yes this sometime happen... As with any Insteon devices, "inbound" data are flaky and not reliable... This system work well for all "Control" command like turning a light on and so... So any Insteon sensor may work for a while and then stop for no reason...You can relinc it using Houselinc and it will work for another while. Only way to use it reliably is to bind them to an Insteon light or group of lights using Houselinc, but don't expect to trigger stuff in Control4.
  3. jackstone

    Insteon v2 Driver Released

    You need to send me the debut output on the PLM driver, not the dimmer.
  4. jackstone

    Insteon v2 Driver Released

    I do not plan to purchase any recent Insteon products to update the driver since Insteon are dropping their integration protocol... I also not plan to purchase an Amazon Alexa cause I care about my private life... But If you are able to isolate the difference between the actual HEX command sent by the dimmer driver to the Insteon Hub and the one that "work", let me know and I could fix the driver with that information. Use the Print Debug option will show you the commande sent in the Lua window.
  5. jackstone

    Another Insteon Question

    Insteon is slowly killing their legacy stuff such as their nice Integration Protocol in favor of some cloud crap (like everyone else), the Hub v2, that force you to use a mobile app, create an account, and depends on a Internet Connection just to turn on a lamp! I do not second this, that's why I do not plan to redo a new Insteon driver based on their cloud API.
  6. jackstone

    Another Insteon Question

    You will have to bug the dealer to add the new dimmers in the C4 project, but this can be done remotely if you give him their Insteon Address and device type, easy. As for scene, yes you can modify your scene as you want as long as it keeps it's "controller" button number on the PLM in the scene.
  7. jackstone

    Another Insteon Question

    V1 is just the older version that use V1 Light Proxy and does not use the proxy keypad. It'll work, but less pretty and need a bit much programming. Unfortunately yes, you have to disconnect the PLM and use Houselinc to add more devices. You don't have to change anything on the C4 scene if you do not create new scene.
  8. jackstone

    Insteon Integration with C4 via ISY

    Ok... first, could you tell me how would you like the driver documentation to be? I've tried my best to explain how to properly setup an Insteon system for Control4 integration, but since I'm the developer of the driver, I may have skipped some steps biased by having spent too much time learning how Insteon work. I would be more than happy to enhance the documentation, just let me know what you consider missing. As for the slave dimmer sync, you WILL NOT be able to achieve perfect sync of ANY slave dimmer/keypad or other... Insteon protocol is too slow and discard any information packet coming from a module if another information is sent at the same time on the network... But the protocol will resend any "command" to a module if this one does not acknowledge reception. That mean Insteon is really reliable for any CONTROL behavior but lack consistency on the feedback/receive side. Even if you use all the native Insteon stuff with the hub and mobile app, it will miss some keypad or slave dimmer feedback. You have to live with that limitation. Also, all the Link to PLM and auto-bind feature of the driver happen to be very buggy, so we had to remove it from the latest driver release. The only way to get an insteon system integrate in a reliable way in C4 is to do all the linking and scene in Houselinc and then add the corresponding dimmer or scene driver in Composer. If you forgive the flaky feedback side, you can still get a rock solid system. As for scene, just don't just C4 Advanced Lighting Agent with Insteon Loads... Build your scene with Houselinc, and use a scene dimmer in composer and then put this scene dimmer into the scene and it will work perfectly (don't expect navigator feedback for those loads though!)
  9. jackstone

    Another Insteon Question

    Yeah one device is ok to be placed in a C4 scene, but as long you want multiple insteon devices, use an Insteon scene and place this Insteon Scene into the C4 scene, hope it make sense.
  10. jackstone

    Another Insteon Question

    It's a minor delay (only few MS) that is just "not instantly", but you can easily live with it.
  11. Yeah that's not the answer I was looking for because I doubted the C4 Matrix could handle this correctly... This it's not a cheap device and no 4x4 model is available.
  12. jackstone

    Another Insteon Question

    Hey, I never explained Insteon basics to someone who understand that well! You are all correct! Create the link to Insteon stuff within Houselinc, and yes you can still use keypad feedback to trigger anything else in C4 EXCEPT Insteon stuff I use my Insteon keypad to turn on the music and ramp the volume up/down, and it's pretty dawn reliable, but don't expect it to react as quickly as a C4 keypad...
  13. jackstone

    Another Insteon Question

    Correct, each scene is basically only a turn on level on a certain fade, and it need two links for bidirectional behavior but does not work half of the time on scene trigger because too many dimmers are sending back their status on the network and when a collision happen it simply discard the information most of the time. And the scene are store both on the Hub/Modem and the dimmer itself. Each dimmer will have one link for the scene and the other link will reside on the PLM. there is only one link entry per scene stored into the hub. Can you use Insteon motion sensor with C4, yes of course, and they work pretty well IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO TRIGGER AN INSTEON LOAD... If you do so, create the links within Houselinc and it will work perfectly, else, remember what I've said about Insteon network collision?. Triggering a C4 dimmer with and Insteon dimmer work perfect. At home, I even use $10 X10 wireless Motion Sensor with C4 (using Insteon as X10 gateway) and I can trigger anything in composer Programming, and it surprisingly very reliable. As for the I/OLInc, just use it as an output device (relay), the input is not reliable... as most of the "inbound" signal from any Insteon devices. Insteon work best if you bind module together using their "linking" technology, if you use any Integration hub, what you get is perfect "control" over everything but anything coming from the modules is really flaky and we can't rely on it.
  14. Audio de-embedding HDMI matrix are great, they solve all the AppleTV/Chromecast audio issue in a distributed audio project with TV audio redirected to room speakers. I do not include the C4 Downmixing matrix since I think this one does not the things as other does... One model I often use on project is the Key digital MSA4x4 that feature balanced and coax audio output on each OUT (not source) and that's the main issue! I have many random problem using that kind of Matrix, and any kind of matrix with audio de-embedding at the output side does the same... So you connect the audio out of the HDMI Matrix to one input of your Audio Matrix, and hope for the best! You can build a simple IR driver with the proper input and output, this work perfect for China matrix, or use the manufacturer driver, like Key Digital, that present only the HDMI Port in Composer, then use the Path Setter driver to add the audio path from the HDMI out and feed you audio matrix and then C4 is all screw up and does not know how to properly route audio... It consider any HDMI output as a path to bring the audio to the room, so can start outputting on OUT1 while the TV is on ZONE4, it bring the audio from OUT1 to the audio matrix and to the room, when you try to use the TV on OUT1, it is screwed... Same thing if you share and HDMI source to two TV, it will then use the audio out only from one source and the audio matrix will do the "split" between the rooms, then if you change the source in one of the two rooms, it is screwed... Very random, unpredictable effect... I would like a way to keep the audio with the video even if I go though an audio matrix... I've also tried some audio return form TV to the audio matrix and this also gives random result if you're using a shared HDMI source (not the Smart TV's app).
  15. jackstone

    Another Insteon Question

    There is no real advantage of using either the PLM Modem or the Hub v1. I found the Hub more practical because it can be placed anywhere, thanks to the Ethernet connection. and Hub/Modem placement is important with Insteon since it rely a lot on Powerline communication (even dual-band module mostly rely on powerline). But the PLM Modem have an advantage of being the only compatible interface still available to purchase today. The hub/modem should ne placed in the outlet near the electrical distribution panel for optimal reliability. As for the scene. DO NOT use C4 Advanced Lighting to create a scene with Insteon devices. The latest Insteon driver removed the option for building an Insteon scene within C4 because it's no reliable and easily screwed up. Build you whole Insteon system using Houselinc software, not the APP, not any third party software, just use Houselinc. Link all your modules to the Hub using Houselinc and create all the keypad bindings and scene in Houselinc. Using Houselinc is PITA, it crash very often and the scene creation interface is very buggy but keep going and do it. Don't forget to configure each of your scene to use one of the phantom button of the Hub/Modem as the scene "Controller" (there is a checkbox in Houselinc interface) and take note of the button number used for each scene. Then in C4, use the Scene Dimmer driver and enter the button number you've noted and your scene will be triggable with C4 with perfect result. You can have the Scene dimmer part of a C4 scene to have the Insteon Light to react with C4 light but don't expect keypad LED feedback with Insteon light, they does not push back their state when triggered by a scene. Building a reliable Insteon system integrated in C4 is not easy but if done correct it will be rock solid, I run my whole home with insteon and C4 since 2010 and ZERO issue. Please post on this forum again if you need more help, by doing this we'll be helping other people that try to get Insteon to work properly in C4.