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  1. 4k apple tv

    I currently have the Apple TV 4th gen in my project and now I want to swop out to the new 4k version.. can I just switch it over without needing my dealer right now it’s IR controlled can I just make the switch thanks in advance
  2. Hisense Driver

    How do you like that TV ? And thanks for the info
  3. Hisense Driver

    Hay guys just need a little help on a 65” Tv made Buy Hisense and it’s sold at Best Buy my question is would anyone know if there is a driver for it ? The model # is 65H8C thanks for any help
  4. CytexOne Closed.

    Is anyone going to keep up the forum ?
  5. Epic Alexa Issues

    I have a question if I already have the epic driver installed and would like to have Alexa turn on & off my tv do I need my dealer or can I do it in Composer HE using the add trigger word and discover devices
  6. WiFi Solutions

    I also run UniFi APs and switch’s along with a cloud key and I can assure you it’s rock solid ! I also came from a apple based network.. and it was night & day when I switched over to ubiquiti/ UniFi my apple AirPort Extremes are still in my network but are only there for time capsule backups ..not to mention my C4 system has had a boost of energy lol everything runs smooth you also need to take into consideration what is your up & down speeds that your getting into your house and how many wifi devices are running witch will bottle neck your whole network witch will impact your HA experience
  7. WiFi Solutions

    All I use is ubiquiti UniFi APs and poe switch’s you can also install UniFi cloud keys that will give you remote access to the network at anytime packedge is also a option
  8. New nest e thermostat and c4

    I run them at home and seams to run fine
  9. Right now I currently have 3 3rd gen thermostats in my project all work fine however I was thinking about switching them to the new nest thermostat E ‘s .. my question is will the drivers that are in place now work and if I install the new thermostat s myself do I need my dealer to do anything special or will the new stats automatically attache it’s self to the existing nest drivers
  10. Watch and iPhone must be on same wifi for the first initiation of the C4 app to run and get setup
  11. New App and 2.10

    Yup it’s a lot more snappy
  12. Is 4Site down

    Hay joe I’m over the bridge in rockland maybe my dealer/ friend can help you out we’re in westchester are you located
  13. Amp Fan Noise

    The fans blades get caked up with dust and cause stress on the tiny bearings and makes noises.. don’t know how handy you are but you can open it up and clean the fans with a air can or install new fans
  14. CEDIA 2017

    Really ?