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  1. elee532

    Inexpensive shades or blinds?

    So, if my plan is to use just Vera and C4 to control the shades, then I actually could get away without either remote? Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. elee532

    Inexpensive shades or blinds?

    I’m finally looking at buying some of these shades. With the Bali’s, do I need to get the single-shade remote or the multi-shade remote (which is $50 extra)? Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks everyone for the clarification re: multicast and PIM. Very helpful. One additional question... Is PIM something that needs to be par of ALL the network devices? Router? Switch? Access Points? For example, would a Ubiquiti router and access point with a Pakedge switch be any better? Thanks!
  4. I’m confused by the last two posts RE: multi-cast. Can you say more? Is multi-cast something different than PIM Multi-cast? And, can you clarify... does Ubiquiti support it?
  5. I'm definitely not an electrician. But, since 48v is more than 24v, shouldn't that mean the wall wart will provide more than enough power for the UAP-AC-LITE? Or, is the problem that it would somehow be "over-powered?"
  6. Now I’m lost. 😋 Will 48v passive power the access point? Is there a “PoE for beginners” description somewhere?
  7. Anyone know if there is a difference between this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015PR20GY/ref=od_aui_slice_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016K4GQVG/ref=od_aui_slice_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Why the $17 price difference for what appears to be the same product?
  8. Doh. I just realized that I do have a Windows 10 PC running 24x7 to run the Roon Core app. I could run the Unifi management app on this PC and a save myself the cost of the Cloud Key. Cool!
  9. Answering my own question. Per the user manual: ”Enabling PoE output requires 24W input power via PoE In or DC input.”
  10. Actually, I was assuming I could power the US-8 with a traditional power cord and use the PoE port to power the AP Lite. Is my thinking on that incorrect? Oops. Yes.
  11. Yeah, I looked at the US-8-150W but it put me over my $500 budget. Is the advantage of the US-8-150W over the US-8 that it has more PoE ports? If I understand all of this correctly, I have up to 4 devices that could be PoE powered... 2 access points, 1 ESG router, and 1 Cloud Key. The router and one access point need to be on the first floor, one access point on the second floor, and Cloud Key could go wherever. Part of my budget challenge though, is that I have devices on two floors, and thus need two switches. So, it seems my options were: Buy two US-8 switches. A tiny bit over budget, and still not enough PoE ports. Buy two US-8-150W. Ideal, but way over budget. Buy one US-8 and keep using my $29 Office Depot special. Buy one US-8 and use the Pakedge switch that I bought on eBay for $60 before I switched plans and decided to go with Ubiquiti gear. I went with option #4, with a plan as follows... 1st floor - US-8 switch and use its one PoE port for the Access Point. The ESG will use regular power supply. Basement - Pakedge switch which can power the Access Point and the Cloud Key. Someday, when budget permits I can replace the Pakedge with a US-8-150W. Hope I’m not missing anything. I would welcome any other suggestions. Thanks for all the help so far!!
  12. This is pretty cool. Glad now that I ordered that Ubiquiti US-8.
  13. I’ve got devices on two floors currently. HDHomeRun, Phillips Hue Bridge, and QNAP NAS plugged into the router on the first floor. Nvidia Shield, Denon receiver, C4 EA1, OPPO Bluray, and Windows PC running Roon plugged into that $29 switch in the basement media room.
  14. I’ve got about half of my devices plugged into the ports on my Asus router and the other half plugged into a $29 gigabit switch I picked up at Office Depot.
  15. That makes sense. Pardon the amateur question, but what kind of management is necessary for a switch in a modest home setup like mine? Now that I think about, didn’t I see somewhere that C4 recommendation is for unmanaged switches? In addition to the USG, APs, and Cloud Key, I also ordered this Ubiquity US-8 switch just in case. Plus, I’m also the proud new owner of this Pakedge S8P4 unmanaged switch. So, I’ve got options. 😀