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  1. elee532

    Flagship Store

    Just followed the link about the May 31 event. There is a C4 dealer and Certified Showroom 3 Miles from me. Never knew. Guess I’ll have to check it out.
  2. elee532

    Automated blinds

    That’s no fun! [emoji16] I’m not expecting cheap... but wondering what some of the lesser expensive options are? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. elee532

    Automated blinds

    Pardon me for jumping in... What do you think is one of the least expensive options? I need just a simple two shade setup for my theater room. Something I can order myself online or at my local home improvement store.
  4. So, anytime I launch Kodi on my Nvidia Shield using @alanchow‘s Kodi Full driver), I get the popup message that “C4 is Connected” TWICE. The messages pop up maybe 1 or 2 minutes apart. Any idea what’s prompting this message two times in a row?
  5. elee532

    Keypad Dimmer KD120 Wiring Question

    So, the electrician says the white wire in the box where I want to install the keypad is a traveler wire, and that I have no neutral in that box. So, I believe that means that the situation I have is "Multiple device location using Auxiliary Keypad without neutral connection." So, at the keypad box I have a Black, Red, and White (traveler). At the auxiliary keypad box I have two Black and a White wire. Can I work with this, or do I need to have one more wire run between the two?
  6. elee532

    Keypad Dimmer KD120 Wiring Question

    Thanks for clearing this up for me @Home Theater Advisors!
  7. Wait, maybe I got it. How's this look?
  8. Thanks. I can't seem to drag to the middle column. Maybe that's because I'm using a tablet though? I'll try again tomorrow when I have a mouse and keyboard attached.
  9. Thanks for these wonderful detailed instructions @RR15226! Unfortunately, I can't seem to make it past the first step. The right window list is greyed out. See image below. What am I doing wrong?
  10. elee532

    Keypad Dimmer KD120 Wiring Question

    Thanks @Home Theater Advisors! I did have an electrician come out at one point. He seemed to think there was NOT a neutral wire. However, he was also under the impression that a neutral wire was required. One other really basic question... when the instructions say "single device location" and "multiple device location," what do they mean? What type of devices are they referring to? Thanks!!
  11. I have a light that is switched at the top and bottom of the stairs. I have purchased the Keypad Dimmer (C4-KD120) and the Auxiliary Keypad (C4-KA). The instruction manual shows 5 different wiring configurations: Single device location with neutral connection Single device location without neutral connection Multiple device location using Auxiliary Keypad with neutral connection Multiple device location using Auxiliary Keypad without neutral connection Multiple device location using Configurable Keypad, neutral required Which of these wiring configurations would I follow? Here is a photo of the switch that I want to replace with the Keypad Dimmer:
  12. Is there a way to assign the OPPO 103 Pure Audio command button to one of buttons on my SR260 remote? I do have Composer HE if that helps. Thanks!
  13. Hi @alanchow. Any ETA on when the driver will be out of beta? Or, is it possible for me to participate in the beta? Thanks!