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  1. That is an exception and not the norm. You likely have other issues going on. We have very few calls regarding the Sonos drivers, save for the few folks who have not heard the latest word regarding the endorsed driver or don't properly read the knowledgebase.
  2. I prefer balanced line drivers/receivers audio such those from AudioControl. There are passive units that run over cat5 that can be hit and miss. If you need to go a far distance the BLD are the best choice IMO.
  3. BECAUSE THAT IS THE CORRECT LEGAL ANSWER! For you reading pleasure: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201809740
  4. One of the best network related posts I've seen in a long while. Spread the word to others please
  5. That's poor system design.
  6. I don't know that I would consider the Dot a viable option as an audio device to listen to. I mean, you'd be just as well off listening to the crappy speaker built into your iPhone or Android. As for using it as an audio line out source, now you're talking about feeding back to your audio system to distribute back to your zones. At that point a zigbee keypad dimmer makes more sense and is likely cost comparative plus gives you lighting control.
  7. See a trend here? Leave the managed switches to IT professionals who have a legitimate need for them.
  8. Top one in your link was the one I was referring to due prime and Amazon fulfillment. Your post said reasonable and replacement not OEM. If you like I can sell you the OEM one for 500 USD plus shipping.
  9. Native services will always be the better option in my opinion if they fit your needs.
  10. "Alexa, turn yourself off and remain off".
  11. Nope. You should have your dealer send a bunch of your requests in for testing. That's how they get on the list...or excluded.
  12. Put a controller and create a mesh as close as possible to the lock and see what happens. Those locks suck at hopping off of other nodes. Run wispy or similar and make sure your 2.4 wireless band isn't squatting on top of your zigbee channel(s).