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  1. The tips above are good advice. I feel compelled to repeat, unless you like embarrassing moments explaining why things aren't working reliably, leave Alexa out is the project.
  2. Tell your dealer to do his job, login to the dealer portal goto the knowledgebase and bring up article 1387 (actually read it) and then give you a print out of the PDF.
  3. 1k to wire up speakers is no more or less reasonable without knowing the difficulties of the task. Attic work...cost can go up especially if it's hot and humid. Difficulties with getting those wires down to the rack may also be present. My point...without an actual walkthrough nobody can tell for sure.
  4. Are we to assume the system is already up and running and fully functional, other than the C4 system? If so what you have there is the EA-3 bundled with a remote and charging station. The price is spot on for the equipment and seems low if the system is functional otherwise. If the system is not already installed/functional...i wouldn't touch that for anything less than a grand for labor/programming. You have a good deal if that's a binding quote. And yes I feel the EA-3 is the safe bet.
  5. As the controller running Director, standalone or otherwise, No. As a secondary controller beneath a controller that is running Director that is also able to be 2.6 and above, yes. So if you have an HC250, HC800 or any EA series that is above 2.6 and running Director then the HC200 can goto 2.6+.
  6. No problem brother. Just hoped to save you a potential 20 minute hold time :-)
  7. I'm not sure where the confusion lies. This is not an image update via USB, it is done via the network. You download the tool, run it, it scans the network for the device, you choose the device (IOx in this case) and point that device to a target OS. The lowest you can target IOx to is 253 and the highest...current OS.
  8. Let's assume your network is configured properly, it rarely is, but let's for the sake of argument say it is. Start with this: Long power down on controller running director. Power up, let project fully load. Test intercom. Fails? Delete communication agent. Reboot controller running director. Add comm agent back in, test. Fails? Delete all intercom related drivers and comm agent. Reboot director. Add comm agent back. Add intercom related drivers back. Refresh navs. Test. Fails? 9/10 it's your network.
  9. Thanks for sharing. As a software developer you should team up with a hardware engineer and build a better system from the ground up. Keep us posted on your progress...
  10. Haha right you are. Sorry thought you were asking the specs on the C4 switches, carry on ;-)
  11. 1080p60 4:4:4 and 3840x2160p30 4:2:0
  12. ??? Some tools/software/patches are not available to end-users. Other than that, I'm not sure what you are implying in the quoted post.
  13. You'd also have to unregister the existing controller running director and register the other one. And that's not going to happen on a 1.6 project anymore due to the expired security certificate on controllers below 2.2.2. You're opening a whole other can o' worms here.
  14. Same if you view the camera via its own app?