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  1. The unit come with an IR remote from Rega. You can create a driver based off the receiver proxy in about 10 minutes.
  2. Also if you are controlling the TVs via IP and the IP address or peer key is the same you will have that issue. Of course if it could be a connection issue in composer itself as well.
  3. And what such a device be? I've been searching for a water level alarm that does that but am coming up empty.
  4. No. Not unless that source is input to a Sonos line input and you're using the old non-supported UPnP drivers along with the Sonos global line in driver. It will if you have a source into Sonos line input and use the Sonos app; standalone mode. Within the c4 environment under the current approved setup the answer is: no.
  5. You will need a Sonos Connect, connected to the matrix or matrix amp that the rest of your sources are connected to.
  6. No. The switches are zigbee not wifi. The only thing you could do with that would be controllers setup as wifi to run the mesh for the switches. I am however not a fan of that practice.
  7. Much clearer now, thanks. I understand the dilemma but my gut says this will not work, due to the distance from the interior house switch to the other structures. That's just a hunch, a strong one, but nevertheless a hunch because any install I've ever done had a data link (via copper or fiber) from the primary residence to the remote structures to link it all together. I think you're asking too much from an interior mounted zigbee keypad to travel that distance over free air and then have that switch create a hop another time another distance to the other switches. You'll need a controller down at the structures or may be able to get away with a zigbee extender at the porch with the antenna aimed toward the remote structures...that will take some testing at the actual site to see if it's reliable however. The most reliable method would be a hard wired controller at each structure creating a mesh for each structures light switches.
  8. Sorry; to me, a ramada is a porch or more often something like a pavilion, but yet you also say you have a switch that controls the back porch light from the inside of the residence. What/where is this ramada and physically (distance-wise too) where are these other existing switches that control these other loads located in relation to the interior switch that you refer to having control over the back porch? As you can likely assume...I am getting at the issue of range for zigbee to actually work reliably here.
  9. More info needed. Where are the current switches located for these light loads in question? And what load type and wattage are each?
  10. Agree; most failures seem to be due to improper load type or installer error or good ol fashion failure to RTFM.
  11. You could also do this very easily by creating each tv as is own room.
  12. You do it via programming.
  13. I think that time was a few days ago prior to embarking on this journey; but I can't blame a guy for trying :-)
  14. Cyknight is correct. If you happen to have an Aux upside down it will not matter. Fear not, the c4 will not come oozing out.
  15. Yes that is a replaceable part that your dealer can obtain for you. These can also be engraved FYI, if you weren't already aware. The part number for the non-engraved rocker is: C4-CKFPDAPD-xx Where xx is color code.