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  1. sofakng

    2 x SR-260's + batteries + chargers

    Would you be willing to sell just the recharge kit? (ie. battery cover, a/c adapter, cradle, etc).
  2. Thanks! I do have Composer HE but I'm not sure I understand what to do? The connections just change the routing rules, right? I'm trying to see the order of commands and what gets turned on/off for each activity if that makes sense?
  3. When you select [Watch] and then a device (ie. [Tivo]), based on the routing and other information, a bunch of commands are sent to turn devices on or off, etc. Is it possible to view and/or change the order they are sent? I'm coming from a URC background where each room and activity shows the list of macros/commands that are sent and you can modify them, etc. For my specific situation, I'm trying to stop my AVR (Denon AVR-X4300H) from turning on depending on the room it's activated from, but instead only send the input change command (which still works on the Denon even if the power is off and it will still send the HDMI as passthrough to the outputs)
  4. I know there are single-outlet devices (usually wi-fi based) that Control4 can monitor to detect if a device (PS4/XBOX,etc) is turned on, but are there any larger rack-mountable PSU/PDUs with multiple ports that Control4 can monitor to detect if a device is turned on and then trigger an event?
  5. Thanks very much for the explanation! I think I understand the basic idea (ie. two displays in a room would be multiple video endpoints, a TV and/or speakers might be separate end points) but I'm sure I will have more questions... One other quick question for now, what is the Room Control -> VIDEO_SELECTION end point for? (it's also sometimes listed as Output Video End-Point and RoomControl for the type)
  6. I've had the audio/video end points explained before but I'm having a difficult time understanding it. (it doesn't help that I was a URC dealer before Control4 either!) Can somebody explain why there are multiple end points for a room? (ie. Video End-Point, Video's Audio End-Point 1, Video's Audio End-Point 2, Audio End-Point? etc) Thanks for any explanation!
  7. sofakng

    WTB: EA3/EA5 and SR260

    Hey guys... I'm looking to buy a used EA3 or EA5 and one or two SR260 remotes. Please send a PM if anybody has anything for sale. Thanks!
  8. Any chance of another video showing rapid button presses for about 5 seconds and how the TiVo/Control4 keeps up? I know I'm being a pain in the arse so if you don't have time or can't be bothered I completely understand Thanks again SO MUCH for helping!
  9. No problem. Thanks so much! How does it keep up if you press the buttons rapidly? The video starts with you pressing them fast and it seems to buffer the commands I think?
  10. Oh, I understand that. Most people are as nit picky as myself. I'm sure the speed is fine (and URC's remote is also fine), but I was just wondering for my own knowledge just how fast the Control4 remote reacts.
  11. Great, thanks. I also have a Roamio Pro and not a Bolt. My home network is all Ubiquiti equipment so it should be a good solid network.
  12. Any chance you could record a video of navigating the guide using the arrow buttons as fast as possible for about 20 seconds?
  13. @dcovach Thanks a ton for making that video! It's incredibly helpful to hear the button clicks and see the response on the TV screen. Do you have a cable box with a TV guide that you can try to navigate as quickly as possible by going up/down left/right as fast a possible? To be honest, from the video it actually seems the latency is a tad bit higher than URC. If anybody is curious I can post a video myself of both Accelerator v1.0 and Accelerator v2.0 navigating a TiVo guide. @sonic30101 I haven't used Control4 so I can't speak to troubleshooting or making modifications. I'm still doing some research before I decide to switch or give Control4 a try but I really, really appreciate all of the information from everybody!
  14. I've been using URC Total Control for a while now and the system is reasonable fast but it's not as fast as some OEM remotes. For example, my TiVo has an RF remote and I can use it to navigate the on-screen TV guide at lightning speed. I can press the arrow buttons as fast as possible and the system responds instantly and keeps up with me no matter how fast I press the arrows. URC's system has a certain amount of delay/latency between repeat button presses even when using IP control. It's not a large amount of time, but its just not as 'lightning fast' as I was hoping. Another example would to be connect a USB keyboard to a device like the TiVo. You can press the keyboard buttons incredibly fast and the system keeps up. Can anybody tell me how fast Control4 remotes are? Are there any videos of somebody navigating menus as quickly as possible? (using IP/RS232 control because IR is usually quite a bit slower)
  15. I've been using URC for a few years in my house both with Complete Control and now with Total Control, but I've been thinking about switching over to Control4. Can anybody give me some comparisons between the two systems? I've written some software that tests the button latency on the URC Total Control remotes and controllers and it's fairly high (~120ms). For most users this isn't a problem, but I am hoping to find a system that can send button presses nearly as fast as a keyboard (~16ms). It really helps with pressing direction buttons rapidly, etc. Also, can dealers provide you the software (or is it available elsewhere...?) or is it completely off limits? I've been a software developer for over 10 years (.NET / C# and C++) and have programmed an entire multi-zone house plus I've wrote software for microcontrollers (Arduino, atmega32u4) to create IP-to-USB HID devices, Bluetooth-to-USB, etc. I only mention this because I understand why URC, C4, and others do not want to provide software to general end-users but hopefully people with reasonable programming experience should hopefully be allowed to DIY.