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  1. I think I've discovered part of the problem. The arrow keys on the remote don't repeat when they are held (with an RS232 driver). I've done some searching and it looks like this was an issue in the past and maybe still exists? I've also connected my RS232 cable directly to the EA3 and it's noticeably faster than the IO extender. It won't matter for HDMI matrixes and other devices, but I think devices receiving multiple commands (arrow keys, volume commands) are better when connected directly to the EA3.
  2. I've created an RS232 (serial) driver for my HTPC (EventGhost software) and everything is working but the PC is responding very slowly. It's working, but it's very slow. If I use another device test to send the RS232 commands, the PC responds lightning fast so I know the PC isn't the problem. Is the Control4 IO Extender (IOX-B) much slower at sending RS232 commands? Could anything be configured wrong in the driver? (like I said, everything works and I double checked the baud rate, parity, etc, and it works but its just very slow compared to IR and RS232 [with different devices] on my EA-3)
  3. Thanks Unsocialtoaster. No, I am just trying to detect any voltage. I’m not trying to do different things based on the actual voltage number. For those wondering, you can detect if certain devices are on/off by splicing a USB cable and connecting it to the device and then checking the +5V/GND voltage. For example, you can use this to see if a PS4 is on or off. (you must disable standby controller charging in the menu) Thanks for the help everybody!
  4. Thanks again for the information. Do you know the accepted voltage range for signal (SIG)? (is it 3-24v as I mentioned above?) Does 0v on SIG mean open and 3-24v on SIG mean closed?
  5. Thanks everybody. I’ve purchased a used IO Extender from somebody on this forum. Am I correct that I would use the contact sensor ports and connect SIG and GND to detect voltage? If so, what is the min/max voltage for SIG to be considered “open” or “closed”? (I think I read somewhere 3v - 24v)
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    PM sent.
  7. Thanks again. If anybody knows for sure I’d be very interested before I purchase one.
  8. Do you know if the Global Cache driver polls for sensor changes or are they pushed from the Global Cache device? (ie. is a sensor change noticed immediately or does the C4 controller poll the device every few seconds to see if it changed?)
  9. Sorry, I didn’t see your post when I posted my message above. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Thanks! What are the differences between the IOX v1 and v2? Is it only the POE option on the v2? Are there any speed differences? Also, are there any smaller (ie. single sensor) ethernet voltage sensors that you are aware of? For example, if I don’t want to put a controller at a location but I do want to connect a remote voltage sensor. Thanks again!
  11. What’s the cheapest way to connect a few 5v sensors to a controller (EA-3) and trigger events based on the voltage? URC’s Total Control products usually have 1-4 sensor ports and then you can buy voltage sensors that connect to these ports. Afterwards you can have the controller trigger events when the sensor detects a voltage (on/off). Does C4 have anything similar? Also, are there any IP-based voltage sensors? (ie. remotely detect voltage on a device and then trigger C4 to fire an event, etc)
  12. Can somebody explain the connections of type RoomControl in Composer? For example, the Apple TV has two RoomControl end points (AUDIO_SELECTION and AUDIO_VOLUME). (but no RoomControl VIDEO_SELECTION connections) The TiVo IP driver has RoomControl end points for AUDIO_SELECTION and VIDEO_SELECTION. Should these connections be empty? ...or should they be connected to the room they are located in? How does this apply to setups with an HDMI matrix where the device is available in several different rooms?
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    Would you sell the recharging cradle seperately?
  14. I'm trying to use a feature of my Denon AVR where it can pass-through HDMI signals without being turned on. If the AVR turns on then the speakers are also turned on. However, you can still send the AVR change input commands and the AVR will stay off. Regardless, I think I have a solution using events which is working. I'm wondering though, if I have programming on the event "When video selection changes", does that mean C4 is finished sending IR/RS232/IP commands or does my programming happen during the commands and I need to add a delay to make sure C4 is finished first? Got it. Thank you! The Custom Buttons are working fine. Is there any way to add device specific custom buttons? For example, when I select "PS4" and hit , I'd like to see a few buttons related specifically to my current device? It sounds like that might not be possible? Another example might be watching TV and you want to change surround modes or something else, etc.
  15. I'm looking to buy recharge kits for my two existing SR-260 remotes. Let me know if anybody has any for sale. Thanks!