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Looking for a used Control4® 7” Portable Touch Screen with Camera


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Most people don't want to pay MSRP especially for luxury electronic gear that they really don't *need* in the first place. He's probably looking for a decent deal so he can justify the expense. I know you work for C4 but you really seem to get bothered by anyone asking for something under MSRP from a non-dealer or dealers selling directly here. Unless you are in sales at C4 or are an executive it really shouldn't bother you like it does. Maybe you think the future of C4 rests on a couple of scraps of people getting some gear discounted from a cancelled project a dealer had or used equipment someone didn't want.

However, like you've said many times that isn't the C4 business model so since it isn't how C4 operates and there is such a close dealer/C4 relationship these scraps here and there won't affect the bottom line. I can tell you first hand the "warranty and support" are NOT free around here. Unless you consider possibly 30 days a warranty and support. Does C4 allow the end user to troubleshoot with them on warranty issues to get parts replaced? Probably not, and the dealer will NOT come out and troubleshoot 3/6/9/12 months later for FREE.

When I purchased my HC300B (2) back in 2008 I paid MSRP and it was the ONLY gear I paid MSRP for out of 65K worth of HT gear the typical range I had discounted on all my gear was 30-40%. Had my dealer been 100% upfront with me about the lack of Control I'd have with C4 and need him for adding/removing devices and any programming (no HE at the time) I'd have chosen not to use the product but I'm not a rich "money doesn't matter" customer so I'm not in the business model anyway typically. The C4 dealer at the time tried to sell me Denon AVP/POA/5308 @ MSRP which would have been 18.8k I ended up paying 11.8k, Velodyne 1812 Signature was 14k MSRP paid 7.8k etc etc. It was the only way my middle class income could justify buying GOOD gear.

Cannemi hope you find what you are looking for at a reasonable price you can afford.

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i dont understand what the deal is here? i mean i understand your reasons and point of view ryan (everyone on this forum does) people sell stuff every day and night here, sometimes you say nothing, and then once in awhile you pipe in with a snarky comment. whether you say something or not, people WILL buy and sell on ebay and this forum, they certainly understand the risks of doing so, and if they don't, when their hardware breaks or they get something they didn't expect, they will need to deal with the consequences. i still feel like the majority of this forum, is very good to the dealer community and follows the control4 business model. but occasionally everyone's looking for a deal.

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My point is only that for *NEW* gear, it's less likely you're going to find it from someone who isn't using it in a project, or a dealer who over-ordered it.

For anything that's been out awhile, it's more likely.

It's likely you'll be getting new gear from a dealer who is breaking their dealer agreement with Control4, and if they're found out, their dealer agreement will be terminated.

Dealers are only allowed to sell gear to end users that they actually service.

As far as warranty, Control4 gear has a 2-year warranty, and will now do advance replacement on most gear. i.e. if your in-wall touchscreen breaks, Control4 will send a new one to your dealer *before* he sends in the old one. It may cost you a dealer visit (depending on your agreement with your dealer), but it won't cost you a new unit.

Do I really "have a problem" with you finding Control4 at a discount? Not really, since Control4 gets the same amount either way, but dealers who abide by the dealer agreement can lose sales to those who do not. I do have a bit of a problem with that.

As I said, good luck with your project.


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