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Kwikset Codes and restricted Access times


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Hey guys,

I am trying to figure out how to give my cleaning ladies access the front door every thursday from 11am to 4pm? I have figured out how to give them there own access code but How to I program C4. I assume I need to setup a scheduler? But how do I give that code access during those times?


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Mhh supposedly there's something in the works. But no clue on when, how and even if it'll be finished.

You could also program a button (shortcut, custom or keypad button) to "activate/deactivate" a code or even to a schedule as per above, but with an "IF" statement that a variable needs to be true to create the user/password. Have a manual button trigger the variable.

Custom is best bet for both the above as it would be available through 4-sight.

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