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Apple AirPort Extreme and Express extended network and C4


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I believe there used to be an issue running c4 1.7x with AirPort Extreme and and Express extender. Is that still the case with 2.3?

I have one Wifi router that doesn't quite cover the whole house and I'd like to switch to an Apple extreme and add an Apple Express to expand.


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Mhh. using an actual repeater (extender is more ambiguous) can possibly cause issues with ZigBee. The issue was much worse prior to ZigBee Pro and rare now, but it's not gone. What would happen is that the repeater could pick-up zigbee communications and extend/repeat it. This could in a simple example cause a 3-button light toggle press cause the light to go on/off several times. Other times it would garble the communication, on rare occasions even freeze up a controller.

Risk now is limited on that but consider this - wifi repeating (meaning setting up an Express to both connect wirelessly to the existing network and "boosting" it on) is going to severly hamper throughput of BOTH wireless "networks" (the extreme and express in your situation). By about half actually. This is not a factor when you hardwire an express or whatever, just when you use the repeater option.

For less than the cost of an extreme you should be able to get a seperate access point (Asus has a good one, EnGenius does too) that you can just put either at the router or a central location you have a wire to that will cover most "average" size two story plus basement houses with at least 50-75% signal strength at the fringes.

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