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Programming a Lighting Loop (For a Heated Blanket)


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I know this is under the heading of a lighting loop, but what I am really trying to do is program an on/off loop for a heating blanket.  The heating blanket is plugged into a wireless outlet switch.  I have it already programmed to turn on at a certain time each night to get the bed warm.  Problem is that it gets too warm and must be turned off.  Then it gets cool and sometimes I'd like to turn it back on.  


Thus I came up with the idea to want to have a custom button in the bedroom that would say turn the blanket on for 5-10 minutes then off for 10 minutes and then back on for the same period before turning off again and then looping either until the button is hit again to kill the loop or I could great a timer and do it for a specific period of time (say 6 hours) before stopping the loop. 


I've been messing with shorter timers and loops without any success.  So any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



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A repeating timer makes perfect sense.  Is the best way to have it go for say 6 hours and then be stopped to start a 2nd timer that just runs for that period of time and when it expires to simply stop that repeating timer?  Or is there a better way to do that? 

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