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What:  When lock successfully unlocked via keypad code activate light scene. 



There is a an "Unlocked Manually" and an "Unlocked" event option.  Does the "Unlocked" event include ANY event that unlocks the door, be in manual or via the keypad, or only via the keypad?   I really don't want to use more variables nor do I want to have to write a check for every possible user code.  I have a feeling I'm going to need to use a variable, but wanted to ask first. 



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If the "Unlocked" event references unlocking via the keypad and not manually then it just seems cleaner than using a variable. If however the "Unlocked" event references unlocking manually and via the keypad then I will absolutely use the keypad.   Just a preference I guess


I can also test this out to answer my own question but I'm currently at work and was doing some remote programing. 

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