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Does anyone know a supplier for an IR bud that fires from the rear?


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My problem is I have several devices they either have very focused receivers or also overlapping codes so I would like to emit from the back and have no IR leakage from the front. currently I have emitters upside down with electrical tape over top. this works perfectly but looks terrible. I came across one of these in my junk bin

IR Front

IR Back

and it works and looks perfect but I need more now and it is proving more difficult than i thought to find and i have no idea where i got the single one i have (probably included with some component). I have found rectangular adhesive covers for std emitters that look okay i guess from MCM electronics

50 8371

or round adhesive covers on amazon

calrid 150 5

 but i would prefer more of the single like i have already.

thank you.



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They have a ton of different IR Emitters and covers too

thank you, they look like they have a t least 2 styles that may suite the bill. not exactly like the one i have currently but they will work also.



thanks again.

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if your devices have ir inputs on the rear you may want to look into that as well. Also have you tried serial or IP control?

unfortunately they do not have IR in, nor serial (my preferred method with most of my gear), unfortunately they are older satellite receivers and only option is IR buds :(

but thanks for the suggestion.

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