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Advance Lighting Scenes

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For some reason when it comes to lightning scenes I am faced with rocket surgery.


If all else fails read instructions !


My system is on 2.7 I am using HE 2.7 and referred to manual for 2.7 what am I missing ?

first image is from manual

the second from my HE composer



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You're missing the graph - see the red button in your screen shot.


As for additional options - my guess is you don't have the current gen lighting.

In 2.7 and up (I think it was then) they started automatically hiding unavailable options vs greying them out.

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Oh! and yes you'd have to select the lights you want to actually show in the graph )or just select the top checkbox to show them all). You can edit the screen from the main window and then 'refresh' the graph

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What Exactly are you trying to do?

I am just trying figure out how to program and use a Lighting scene.


I have been programming lights individually to various commands but can see the benefit of using one entity for several lights.

I manage to create a scene, simple enough but using it has been more frustrating ( hey I know i'm the problem ) getting the scene to be active has snot been a problem but modifying the lights or turning them off as a scene is another matter.


I'll figure it out ....... this is golf season ,may take me a little while!

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