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4 Zone Matrix Amp Digital Inputs


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Is it possible to use both of the digital inputs as well as all 4 of the analog inputs on the 4 zone matrix amp? I have another source I would like to add via coaxial input, but for some reason, I'm thinking this isn't possible, but I can't find it anywhere and it doesn't say on the data sheet.  Thanks

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depending on your avr you might be able to use it for for some audio control, but it would likely need a dac for zone 2 or 3, also most controllers have 1 or two audio inputs on them but they will delay it from video

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Sorry for jumping in...in regards with 4 zone matrix amp, exactly how many concurrent streams can i have?

In composer when making connections from EA-5 i can only have 1 analog and 2 digital or 2 analog and 1 digital.

So with that in mind i can have 3 separate streams with EA-5 and one matrix amp, right?


ok, i get it, didn't see that 1 and 3 inputs are interchangeable.

So the question is the same, with 2 analog and 2 digital inputs from EA-5 into matrix amp can i have 4 separate streams in this case?


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