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Not able to upgrade T3 to 2.7.2


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I am trying upgrade my system to 2.7.2. I was able to upgrade everything but the T3.

It has been like this since yesterday.

Have you guys experienced this??


Troubleshooting done so far:

- Canceled, rebooted HC800 and retried;

- Switched from ethernet to Wifi, rebooted the hc800 and retried;

- Unplugged T3, plugged back in, rediscovered, rebooted hc800, and retried the update.

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Don't restart the controller without cancelling the update first and please give it time. The package is large. I would recommend hitting cancel update, wait 10 minutes, reboot the primary controller, and then start the upgrade again. Give it a good 30-45 minutes to complete if you have a good internet connection, if not give it a few hours. If you're still having problems please provide me with your customer.control4.com account name. 




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Didn't look like it worked. I am still getting the unknown on the version. 


Please try the following:

1.) Remove the Driver out of your Project. You don't have Intercom or Programming attached so this shouldn't be a problem.

2.) Using 2 paper clips, press and hold the pinhole on the far left with one paper-clip while using the 2nd paper clip to tap the RESET button once. (Give it 5-10 minutes to complete)

3.) On the boot-up screen, you will have the 'network' 'identify' and 'about' screen. Select the 'about' screen. Go to 'System Info' and hit 'Factory Data Reset'. (Give it 5-10 minutes to complete)

4.) Re-add the driver into your Project and identify the touch screen. 

5.) See if the panel reports the version information now. If so, please start the update and give it enough time to complete. 


Please let me know if you still show the 'unknown' or if the upgrade completes, or doesn't complete. 




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Thank you so much for you help!!

I THINK that did it. It is showing the correct version now. I started the update and now it seems to be updating just fine.


Have no idea what could have caused the issue. 


I appreciate your help!! Have a great weekend

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