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new to control4 - how to buy used hardware

Kevin Peters

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Sorry if this seems like a dumb question...


I'm in the process of building a new house now and looking at pre-wiring it for a control4 system.


From what I can tell you need the licensed dealer to install and do any updates with new features as you add them.

So my question is how there is so much used equipment for sale? Do you just have to have a dealer that agrees to use it, or transfer over a license when you sell?

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Do yourself a favor and get at least the main controller brand new.

The rest of the stuff you can probably get online for way less.

- Buy good cables (bare copper)

- Run 1 cat5e for each location you would want a touch screen

- Run control cable or cat5 for garage motor and sensor

- Run 2x cat5 for alarm panel

- Make sure alarm panel is compatible with Control4;

- Run speaker cable for any possible location you may want audio in the future;

- Run at least 3 cat5e/cat6 for each TV (hdmi converter with IR, Data and extra)

- Make sure your network is solid. DO NOT use any $40 router combo. Separate your devices:

Modem - router - switch - Acces Point. (I recommend Ubiquiti router and access points with Cisco SG100 switch)

- Try to run ALL your network devices from one switch;

- Prepare an AV diagram that is easy to understand and also an IP table so the dealer can program your system without even ask you for anything.

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Short answer, yes you need a dealer who would be willing to install the used equipment that you buy.  Other options include doing the install yourself, then getting a dealer to do the programming.  

is on the right track. You can also seek a dealer like myself that offers remote programming, buy the product and either have electrician, av installer, or yourself to do the install. Then a remote or even local dealer can take over. Just do your homework verify the seller and don't cheap out on the main controller! Its best to buy that new, as if that goes down your whole project goes down. These can be difficult to trouble shoot remotely as well.  

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