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AppleTV triggers


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I'm not sure if I'm using the right terms or not.


I want my AppleTV going into Airplay to cause C4 to go to Watch AppleTV (turn on TV, receiver, select ATV input). Is this something I can do with Composer HE?


Keep in mind I haven't seen HE yet, I'm still waiting on my dealer. But I was hoping to get this answered so I could bug him about doing it if I can't.


I'd also like to remember what started "Watch AppleTV" -- if it was Airplay, when airplay stops, I'd like to all get turned off.


I sure hope stuff like this isn't dealer only.

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Yes - but not based on WHAT it's playing. Just that it plays at all.

So you can set the driver (which does require the dealer by the way) to automatically turn on a predefined room (or rooms) when it starts playing (anything) - but be careful as setting this may cause that room to turn on at times where you do NOT want to.


Honestlly - that function is useful if you have dedicated AppleTVs for a room, not so much centralized.

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