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Repurposing an HC1000V3


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I've only built one computer in my life, and it was with a lot of help from someone...they told me exactly what to buy and I put it together.

I'm wondering if I can't repurpose the HC1000V3, at least the chassis, and make a decent rack mount computer out of it. Maybe something I could use to run Kodi or to be my "MyMovies" server.

Does anyone know if that's possible, and if so, would it be worth doing?

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I don't know what board and chip are in there to be honest - I know a few have messed around and made linux machines out of them - should be able to make a somewhat decent NAS unit out of it at least.

+1 on a FreeNAS unit!  I did crack one open a while back.  Ran linux (ubuntu I think ?) from a live USB without much of a problem.  

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You have to remove the DOM (Disk-on-module) device that's connected up front of the unit.  It boots off that.


If you don't do that, manage to install something else on it, and you reboot the 1000, it'll reformat your disk...





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