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thinking of switching from nest to new control4 thermostats


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Hello All ,

i have done some searching and unless im missing something ...i have a couple questions for the experts.

i am thinking of changing out my 4 nest thermostats and replacing with the new control4 thermostats,I currently run 3 zones of slab heating in the basement (includes one in garage).and a forced air system upstairs along with a hrv system for humidity control.

What i am hoping to acheive if at all possible is that i could run remote sensors in each bathroom and kitchen that would trigger the hrv into high speed when it senses the humidity setpoint.

can the new C4 thermostat run more than one external sensor and if so could i trigger the hrv through the C4 stat from the external sensor (humidity)


sorry if this seems confusing .....


humidity setpoint--->triggers remote sensors--->triggers C4-THERM----> Triggers HRV high speed




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The C4 thermostats can handle only 1 remote sensor - and it's for temperature only - not humidity.

It certainly could trigger your HRV.


If multi humidity sensing is a requirement for you - look at Ecobee integration instead.


Alternatively, Axxess sells motions that can sense humidity (make sure you get the correct one!). Once those are in, HRV highspeed control is just a simple relay and some programming away.

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Ah Darnit ,yes i emailed ecobee and he replied that there remote sensors cannot trigger on humidity either


his reply was as follows

"Hello Scott, thank you for contacting ecobee Support and for your interest in the ecobee3 thermostat.

The remote sensors are able to sense temperature and motion only, not humidity. The ecobee3 itself is able to monitor humidity and you can wire an HRV to the accessory ports to have the ecobee3 act as the controller. Even with the HRV wired to the ecobee3, you won't have the ability to control it for dehumidification unless you configure the device as a dehumidifier instead of HRV. Otherwise, you could configure it as an HRV which would enable an occupied/unoccupied duty cycle that references the weekly schedule and runs the HRV for a certain amount of time per hour during those periods. You will also gain the ability to activate the HRV manually on a 20 minute timer."



i will look deeper into the axxess motions and relay ,it seemed the triggering was difficult as its a low voltage switch/timer that i am trying to substitute for..

i will do some more homework ,as always ,thanks for your reply.


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Scooter, I use an HRV in my house as my outside ventilation but more importantly as my bathroom fans.  I have my HRV kick on high whenever the bathroom light is on.  So if level is greater than 20%, HRV is toggled via a relay on my hc800. (The relay from 800 goes to one of the humidity contacts on the HRV.) In a few bathrooms I turn the lights to 15% during movies as a nightlight of sorts so I don't want it turning on then, so I changed the toggle level to 20.  I never have a humidity problem with showering etc, also if someone uses the bathroom it expels nicely.  Oh and with turning the HRV on with the light I don't have to remind my 6 year old each day to turn on the bathroom fan.  Has worked perfectly for 2 years.

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