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Wired Lighting Switches


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I am about to start a new house build and been researching options for lighting. Unfortunately the cost of panelized lighting just seems too much to justify at this stage so I have been looking at cheaper options. I have been liking the idea of the C4 puck or a third party module (zwave or other) to go behind the light switch so that you can use any normal light switch but still retain the automation side. My question is that since I am building I have the ability to wire things so is there an option to use a traditional light switch and setup and install a "wired" module at the switch or inline which is controlled via cat5 back to the controller.  This way it would remove any additional issues from the wireless side. 


Or is the zigbee or zware networks that robust its not worth bothering? 



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When I started out with C4, I thought it was just laziness to have the switches. I could just walk over and turn a light on/off. Consequently, I built my with traditional switches and wiring.   


I ended up buying a couple of switches, on EBay, and I integrated things into my alarm and started to realize the benefits: having a light come on when the motion sensor sensed someone in the hall, so they wouldn't trip over the dog and down the stairs, etc. Five years later, I have 90% of the house on C4 switches: many from eBay. 


To the point, don't try and jerryrig a solution. Go with C4 or a Lutron system you can easily integrate. Spend the bucks now or plan to replace switches over a period of time. I bought from eBay but nowadays the items on there seem to be the same if not more than MSRP. IF doing all at once, I would talk to my dealer and ask for a discount. Say 20-25%. I know that I've bought some at 20% off MSRP.



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There are many benefits going with control4 lighting


Retro is simple or if you move you can simply replace the switch controlling the load


Fortify your zigbee network. 


Feedback I have keypads on my nightstand that show if any lights are on, the garage is open, and if the security system is armed. 


Also when on vacation the mockupancy driver is great for creating scenes as if my home were still in use.

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