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Axxess motion sensor


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I added my first one in my project about 4-5 months ago. The low battery warning went off already. Is this normal? It's being used in my kitchen just to detect motion at night to turn lights on or off.

Also if I am reading correct I can use lithium batteries over alkaline?


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First off - those are NOT standard AA batteries!!!!!!! - they are higher voltage lithium batteries.


Second 4-5 months is rather short - but it will VERY much depend on their settings. ie if you're using them only for night-time, the device itself should be set )in the driver settings) to ignore daytime, cutting down on batteries a LOT.

Then there's hold-time, sensitivity and report time to consider.


If all of these settings are on their higher consumption levels, 4-5 months in a kitchen with a lot of traffic wouldn't surprise me at all (perhaps it does, but then that it's holding out as long as that)

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Thanks I'll need to mess with the settings

Are all lithium batteries high voltage ones? I was looking to order these:


Thanks again for the prompt response

i believe those are std AA voltage (lithium long life. good for nest devices). the ones cyknight is referring to I believe are 3.6V like :


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The ones first posted are still standard AA batteries - as I mentioned it's important to realize that is NOT what you're looking for.

And yes what you're looking for is 3.6v batteries like the ones vstar linked. If you have an interstate batteries in you vicinity - they are one of the very best places to buy these quite cheap.


For reference, mine tend to last 12-18 months, outside and exposed to lots of sunlight and lots of sub-zero temps. My report time is relatively high (use it for outside temp and humidity) but it's motion sensing is turned off during 'daylight' settings.

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