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SR250 remote issues


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I've been having some issues with several of my SR250 remotes and wondering if anyone can help or provide recommendations:


1) one of my remotes when powered on (now after putting batteries back into it) goes directly to the LISTEN screen and seemingly is transmitting commands to my system such as alarm arming, turning the room light on, TV on all while I'm not even home.... Yesterday as soon as I would disarm my security system, it was arming itself.  Once I pulled the batteries from this goofy remote, the issues resolved.  It was the strangest thing though all of the commands are commands that are programmed into my remotes (such as security system arming).  I'm guessing the remote is cooked....


2) occasionally when picking up my remote in my theater and I'm using it, it will suddenly lose connectivity to the network.  The HC800 that is my controller is located about 10 feet from this event happening so it's not a range issue.


3) every so often if I'm in another room of my home, the SR250 will "lock up" and the display shows the room I'm in (home screen of remote) but is completely unresponsive for up to 10 seconds or more.  I'm not sure what is going on there....

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1) that is really odd!  Sounds like a hardware problem

2) Is that controller running Zigbee? Sounds like a zigbee signal issue

3) Sounds like a zigbee network issue.  Do you have a lot of light switches?

I'm assuming the one remote is cooked with all of those issues and it's triggering commands

However, everything I have is on 2.8 and updated.  I have light C4 light switches in every single room of the house.  In fact, the room where the worst SR250 was has a HC200 box controlling the TV so there isn't a lack of a mesh as far as I can tell...

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Just because there is a 200 in there doesn't mean it's a zap

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ZigBee Mesh is dependent on a lot more too - number of jumps, and for no 3 if you're moving around it will need to re-connect and establish a new route.


10 seconds IS rather long though.


If I were looking at it I'd be checking wifi and other interference...

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