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Discovery in Composer HE


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I'm not a dealer, so this might be opening a can of worms. Seems like it would be a good deal for the end-user edition of Composer to discover new items that are connected to your system. 


For example, I have a new C4 light switch installed. Since that driver is probably already on my system, it would be nice if it showed up in Composer. And if it "sees" something else and there is no driver, it would be nice if it could automate the installation of the driver for that item through my dealer.


Dealers  please feel free to let me know why this would be a bad idea, if it is. I can learn from it. Thanks.

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This particular item has been beaten to death.  Related to adding drivers/making connections.  

Great idea, but doesn't seem like it will ever happen.  I can see the logic in keeping this function from non-technical end users, but C4 wants you to work with a dealer to change/update your system configuration.

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Apart from 'just' doing it - to open this up for auto-discovery and inclusion a LOT would need to change.

Lighting using your example is ZigBee - C4's ZigBee stack is MADE to require a manual 'inclusion' in some part also due to security/safety concerns. This would have o be eliminated.

There is some 'auto discovery' with SDDP drivers (to a small degree) but that doesn't cover connections.


Non of the above would cover such things as location in the system, control connections what mesh to use and much more.


Regardless of the opinion on this - 'auto' isn't happening any times soon, it would all come back to ComposerPro and the question on if it should be a dealer model or not.

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I know this topic is old and recycled many times over, but there are easier ways to allow the addition of automatically discovered devices without compromising the integrity of the system. It is still a good bit of code rework, but it would be anyway.

When some new device is discovered, then it should automatically be placed into a quarantined area where it is not usable in the system, so it can be reviewed by the owner in Compose HE and/or the dealer in Composer Pro. Notifications can be set up for the owner to review these items. When the owner uses Composer HE to look at these devices, there should be items that have drivers that can be added to a location by the owner when it is an official and trusted device, and then items that have drivers that it is not sure are trusted (contact your dealer). For items that do not have drivers, it should say to contact your dealer. The main issue is when a neighbor would be close enough to be discovered by your controller. However, an owner should know whether he/she has added any new devices.

Things like Control4 light switches are such operationally simple devices that it is a shame and inconvenience to have to pay your dealer $xx/hr to add these to the system so you can add them to programming, especially when you are only installing 1 or 2 at a time.

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