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Control4 2.8.2. app - Blind indication


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This still isn't fixed.  I've e-mailed C4 support, both after the issue happened when 2.8 came out, and after this most recent app update.  They replied both times and said they are aware of it, and confirmed they didn't fix it yet in most recent release.   Mine is with Lutron shades that are on every window in the house that are controlled by RadioRA2, as well as ZWave drapes controlled by a Vera Edge in my theater room and on a slider in my office.  Prior to 2.8, there was a blue indicator that would show up when blinds were up or the drapes were open.  That indicator disappeared once 2.8 came out, so there's now no indication as to whether they are open or closed, which kind of sucks, especially during nap time in the babies room during the day.   This is on the iOS app.  I'm not sure if it's the same for Android or on other interfaces, but it's definitely not fixed on iOS yet.

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