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HC 250 - Wireless Thermostat - Fireplace Switch, etc.


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I have a few items for sale from left over projects.  All are brand new in boxes and priced in Canadian dollars, bigger savings for American buyers.

Buy the whole lot for $3100   I,m located in Vancouver, BC.

HC 250 C4-HC250-BL  x  1 new, no licenses-------------------------------------------------$600

Wireless Thermostats  CCZ-T1-W  X  6 in box and one with no box ------------------$110

Fireplace Switches  C4-FS1-Z-WH  X  20 in boxes------------------------------------------$95

6 Button Keypad  C4-KP6-Z-WH  X  2 in boxes-----------------------------------------------$100

Wireless Dimmer  C4-DIM1-Z-WH  X  1 in box------------------------------------------------$100

Wireless Dimmer  C4-DIM1-Z-WH  X  1 used lights up and dims-----------------------$35

IR Emitter x 15--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$3

Single Gang Cover Plates mainly white with a few black  X 50----------------------------$1


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any currency exchange site will do the conversion.  as for the pricing i checked ebay and a few other sites and priced lower than what i saw.  i"ll check again, my goal is to sell and get this out of my garage.


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