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Axxess Motion sensor - temp read out


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1) how can you see the temp read out in Control4 on the navigator/UI?  Something I can do or need a dealer to do it?

2) assuming once it is shown in Control4 I could set my HVAC system against it?  I have a remote sensor in one room that is currently reading the temp and my set up is against that temp (dining room) but I want to start taking temps from the kitchen and use that to decide when to turn heat/AC on and off.


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20 hours ago, vstar said:

ah so it is a second driver?  I have the motion driver already installed, but the dealer needs to add a 2nd driver for the temp?  I have axxess_motionsensor_MS-C4ZB-11 as the only driver for this motion sensor.  Under monitoring I have show properties and its "show" so in the driver I can see the temp in the room.  But to get that into C4's navigator I need the 2nd driver you reference above in that pdf?

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