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Making a keypad control a remote dimmer

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Hey Guys,

I have these mini cans in the master bedroom over the bed that are each controlled by their own dimmer on each side of the bed.

I would like to make the keypad at the entrance of the room control them as well.  I have one button for each light.  I would like a single click to toggle the load and a press would control the dimming up.

So i have it set up like this but it isn't quite working right.  The toggle doesn't work every time.  I'll see the led flash but nothing happens most of the time, but sometimes it will work.  Any chance the single tap is being seen as a press/release?  Maybe i should use Double click?

On Keypad button 3 press

press the mini can button

On keypad button 3 release

release the mini can button

On keypad 3 button single tap

toggle the mini can button


Does anyone have a better approach?


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Just so I'm clear cause I'm slow sometimes.  

The load is controlled by a single keypad and you are saying I could have an additional button from an entirely different keypad bound to that load?

I hope I am clear with the question I am asking.

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Yes, though if you want to do it programmatically, all you would have to do from the above is simply delete the 'single tap' line. The press/release will already function as a toggle, so the 'error' you're seeing is actually a double toggle you're causing.


But binding will behave the best.

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