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Sonos - Set button to play a specific radio station?



Hey guys, I bought one of the card access remote for the shower. I want to set it so that when I press the one button, it will play a specific radio station in SONOS. right now, it just plays, or stops. I also have it doing the light. 

So this is what I have so far :

Button 1 - On Press - If stopped, play. If playing, stop. 
Button 2 - Volume Up SONOS zone
Button 3 - On Press, Play next track
Button 4 - Volume up SONOS zone
button 5 - Toggle light color. ON HOLD reset back to normal

I can't figure out how to have button 2, on hold, play a specific play list, or station, or song, or anything like that. I can just see the preset buttons. 

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I see that option for programming. I have a TuneIn Radio station set as a favorite from the app, but i don't see it as an option under BroadCast Audio. There are no choices there. 
Is there a different method for setting the favorite I am missing?

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Yeah, so I have to troubleshoot that. That is what I have done. Nothing shows up. 
The navigator, when I press the star with the small plus, doesn't really do anything. I thought it was supposed to turn yellow. When I press it, there is no action. 

When I select TunIn through C4 navigator and select the radio, there is an option to make it a favorite there as well, and that does work. But it seems to just add it to "my stations" in TuneIn, not actually doing anything inside of C4. 

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