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Snapshot email from DS2

South Africa C4 user


I love the DS2 and have it set to email me a snapshot when someone presses the bell or when someone enters a user code. However, I can only seem to get it to email to one address... Is this a genuine limitation or am I missing something. I have tried the obvious (separating addresses with ; or , and it still only emails to the first address in my list.

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5 hours ago, Matt Lowe said:

i personally use a email just for everyone to access in my family of all the notifications from control4. Never needed to add another email, but you could add another email notification for the second address

The problem is that the DS2 does not use the email notification agent. You set up the email in the DS2 driver itself so cannot create multiple notifications. Naturally the problem only relates to sending snapshots as any ordinary email can be done via the email notification agent (which allows multiple addresses no problem).

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